Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm still here

I know it has been a while since I posted anything on the blogs.  Looking at both of them, the last posts sound almost depressing and like things have not gone all that well. Truth is, sometimes they just don't.  You don't have the best of rides, you don't get as much saddle time in as you'd like and things just go haywire in between.

I did get to ride with the neighbor a few weeks back. I texted my new neighbor as I passed by her house on the way out and teased her about why she wasn't out tacking up. Turned out she was called in to work, which was unusual for her on a Saturday. Maybe another time?

I finally got the farrier out to reset the shoes on Aruba, which was a bit overdue, so now maybe I can get back to getting on her and see where everything is at? I trimmed Katman and got his feet back to good and can start driving him again soon- hopefully getting enough time in so he may be ready for the show next month? Maybe!  If nothing else, there's always the Darby and Christmas party in December... We can go hell bent for crazy there like we always do.

The weather has also turned- FINALLY! and it was a chilly 46 this morning as I left for work. Wednesday night/Thursday morning it rained and so the pasture that I ride and drive in is most likley a bit slick so it should be fun.  Maybe I can get back to posting more often too.  Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.