Friday, February 5, 2016

At a loss for words

The title of this post may make some people think I have lost a horse. Just to help everyone breather easier and relax, I have not. The horses are all good, still alive, still eating and all that.

I'm just not sure what to post about. Not at the moment anyways. I have a lot of random thoughts swirling around in my head, but none of it really enough for a blog post.

Here we are into February and, yeah.... I haven't been doing much with the horses for a couple of reasons. First off it rained for like a week straight last month. Everything turned to slop. The stalls where the horses are had a dry patch under the shade, but that was it. The back part in one was under water. Standing water. Yuck.

Then they were all due for the farrier the end of the year. I have finally found a good one who shows up when needed and does a good job. No complaints here. But there was literally nowhere for him to work on any of them. Everything was wet, the mud was caked to the outside of their feet and so it goes. Then I was broke for a week due to some unforeseen bills and yeah.

I'm probably a little nuts on this, but I like my farrier (or vet) to have a clean, dry place to work on my horses. I like them to be able to pull in with their truck and not risk getting stuck, sliding into something or leaving giant ruts in the driveway on the way in or out. I like my horses to behave so they can do their job. I also like my horses to be easy to catch, tie and easy to work on or otherwise deal with, so that in the event I can't be there for some reason.... I can leave a check, they can do what needs to be done and life goes on.

Which is how they got their feet done the other day. I've got a shit ton on my plate right now and hear from a number of people that they just don't know how I do it. Some things just stick in my brain. Some things don't. Some of the things stuck in there, I wish they weren't. Other things I wish they had.