Monday, September 12, 2011

Should I go?

Almost a month and no new pictures or even a post over here? I am bad at keeping this one updated, I admit. I do need to post about braiding. We skipped the ADT up north and we also skipped the schooling show. I still need a few things before either one will happen. 

One being gloves- since mine mysteriously went missing sometime after the last show about a year ago.  Another thing I need is a driving apron. I have the material, just need to sit down and sew it. I also need to decide on which hat, which outfit, etc.

I could have taken Kat to the schooling show, but I like to have other horses to compete against. I could have taken him and just entered to school him, but if there is no other horses there, why spend the money and waste the judges time? Is it just me or do others think like this too?  What drives you to go to a show or helps you decide when to skip it and just stay home?