Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did it again....

Over the weekend I did not get any braiding pictures again.  Big surprise? Yeah, not hardly.  We were busy going to look at and then going back to pick up new additions to the herd.

I bring you Buzz

and Betsy

Betsy has brands on both hips. Big ugly suckers and if she will let me catch her, I am going to slather them up with ointment. Instead she slips out under the bottom rail and goes for a sightseeing jog around the property and gets the horses all stirred up. The other night she slipped into the stall with Kat.  He looked at her kind of surprised to see something smaller than he is. 

Betsy is a Hereford cross and Buzz is a good guess, but looks like he could be a Jersey. He is still a bull for now and needs to have his horns dealt with, but he is friendly and loves being scratched and schmoozed... His eye was all watery for the second picture, but had cleared up by that afternoon. 

The girls love the cows. Anything with spots, including the neighbors horses, are called Holly Moo. That's how it is in their world. Maybe now that we have a couple of brown cows it will change? Who knows.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Breathing new life

I finally kicked the blog over to the other account as you may notice by the picture in the avatar. Pal is moving the other direction now.  I still have the old account and if I can EVER ditch the extra gmail account, I may put it back on here. I don't hold out much hope for that happening though....  Google help, really isn't and they seem to not really give a crap about their users.  

There is still plenty of grooming tips and things to discuss so why not resurrect the dead and breathe some new life back into this thing?  Kind of funny since I just read today that Cathy Atkinson is offering up for sale her blog Fugly Horse of the Day and that is where many of us first met online.

Since I have begun driving Kat and gotten the cart and a harness to use in getting Pal & Mommy Mare started in harness- braiding will be on course for posting about since it seems to be a requirement for the proper turnout in competition. It neatens the appearance of the overall picture and shows you put forth your best effort in making sure you are ready to go in the ring.  Of course there are a few different types of braids to cover and they why's and how to for each one. 

Driving horses never have their tails braided, but hunters do so I will go over that as well.  This weekend will be a busy one for me, getting pictures to put up on both blogs covering both braiding and their training in progress.