Friday, August 21, 2009

I just have to ask

I was recently on Dreamhorse... (Yeah, like I need another hole in my head!) and scrolling down to the bottom of the page I found

This ad.

I clicked on it and had a look at the website.

Now for those of you who love long, gorgeous, flowing manes and tails, does this sound legitimate to you?

Has anyone tried it?

Does it work?

I guess the last one is the main question. No pun intended. Honestly.

I may get a post up over the weekend, but if not, I hope everyone has a great time!


  1. Couldn't finish it, my eyes fell out.


    I knew there was a reason I kept my hair long!
    I have to ask, what happens when their long flowing tails get wrapped around their hind legs?
    Never happens right? Right??
    What about the owner's neck?
    Now, that might be good.

  2. Someone needs to email this chick for more info.

    I do love that grey, how bout you CNJ?

  3. Sort of sounds like snake oil to me . Appies can have a decent mane but unless this stuff is suppose to change tha basic genetics . grass won't grow where there are no seeds!
    We have a product here that is suppose to promote regrowth ,danged if I can remember the name.If I get of my arse I will wander out to the barn and look. No idea if it works ,it was a freebie and I have never tried it

  4. OK I unglued the arse from the chair . Stuff I have is called Shapelys M-T-G, advertises to be the 1# treatment for ,sweet itch rain rot , tail rubbing ,yada yada,(long walk short memory ) gives instructions for tail ,and or mane growth. Also for any and all contact dermatitis. I have no idea if it works , maybe I will try it and see. Still and all the ad sounds like a snake oil thing , just to see how much people are willing to spend on tail( sorry I had too)

  5. You all probably know all about this product and I look even more like a bumpkin right?

  6. Nah, it's snake oil, MadameBumpkin.

    But you can win friends, and get dates!

  7. So how come HER hair isn't like Crystal Gale's??

    Because we ALL try horse stuff on ourselves, admit it.

    Except maybe Coppertox.

  8. You know what's funny?

    "cowboy horses" here show with fake long tails.

    In DOma Vaquero, they actually do what looks like a mud knot....

  9. FV- never heard of that one either...

    I didn't make it far enough through to find the pricing on this one.

    Like FV said about the appys though- if the genetics aren't there to begin with, how can they make the hair grow?

    If the stuff really works, the red mare in the pictures from the last post could sure use it! Her tail leaves a lot to be desired at the moment.

  10. CP- you got that straight! Yes I have used Know Knot on my own hair. That stuff rocks!

    Straight Arrow brand Mane 'N Tail shampoo & conditioner in anyones bathroom?

    Infusium shampoo, conditioner and leave in- yep, have bottles of those in the barn and there are routinely coupons in the paper, sometimes up to $3 off a bottle.

    Baby oil, Vaseline, shoe polish, skin so soft, neosporin, and plenty of other things travel back and forth from the house to the barn. Don't bother telling me they don't. We all know better!

  11. I can just see Billy Mays (RIP) advertising this product on late night TV.

  12. Wow, using that stuff will make you popular too?
    I'm ordering right now......Not.

  13. I roached my horses mane because it was out-of-control long when I got him. He's much cuter and much cooler with it short. If that stuff DID work, he'd probably look like a walking mop.

  14. I think we should all buy some and use it. I need my hair to grow. Right now it's in "appy tail" mode. Me like the Vanner look. cuz I gotz both kinds..blak and whit

  15. While a long tail sure adds some appeal to the appearance of a horse maintaining it can be a chore. Manes aren't much different.

    Cycle- I roached my Arab geldings mane after he kept rubbing out a huge section right in the middle. You would think I had murdered the pope on the balcony at the Vatican during mass.

    Oh the horrors! You do NOT roach an Arabs mane! EVER!

    Um, it's my horse and I did. It all grew back evenly and looked much neater and nicer until it did.

    Our Arab stallion was sold and we had to repo him. He came back sporting those lovely huge knots in his long, thick mane. I gave him a couple days to settle in, tried washing and combing it out but it kept twisting and knotting up, so off it came.

    I cut it short like hunters. It gives his neck a slimmer look and is definately cooler for him. He's happy and the length of his mane makes no difference to him.

  16. CnJ- I give my mini the arab look every spring- long bridle path, then shave off half of the rest of his mane on the underside. It's so thick, I have to. It's the only time of the year he likes me.

    I don't have products traveling from house to barn and back. I just buy two!

  17. Okay, I had to find out what the catch was. You are ordering A BOOK on her web site! Only $37 if you send pictures. In this book she will tell you all the secrets of getting that long mane and tail. How much you wanna bet braiding is involved??

    Did she really say that a long mane & tail will detract from any conformation faults and make it easier to sell your horse???? I'm a farrier. The last thing I (or any respectable trainer and/or breeder) want to see are MORE poorly bred horses. Help your equine friends and stop rewarding poor quality breeding!!!!!

    To Fernvalley01: Watch out for the MTG stuff. I think the main ingredent is bacon grease. Looks like it, smells like it, and sticks forever like it. Some people swear by it, but it has no appeal to me. I still think Corona is the best product in the world. The ointment, not the beer. Although, that's not so bad either.

  18. OK, it's late, I'm tired, sunburned, and punchy.

    I'm visualizing an ad campaign with a little, mediocre-looking horse named "Bob," who has a silly, fixed smile. A voiceover says Bob used "Extends" on his mane and tail, and now he's a LONG way in front of the other guys and riding a WAVE of good luck; and, back at the barn, his groom is very happy!

    Non-US readers might not get it.


  19. Hehe. I gave it a 'fake' email, (one I set up specifically for this type of thing... I send all spam to it and never ever check it nor give it out otherwise) and


    The second page, where she's touting her books...

    The $37 price for the 'secret' is a DISCOUNTED price if you send in a testimonial and pictures.

    Anyone wanna guess what the normal price is?


    Plus, she has other books, NOT discounted, for the same price. One is how to sell your horse within days for top dollar ... if you pay $98.00 for it.

    The kicker?

    They are E-BOOKS.

    There is no publishing/overhead costs to her except the cost of the website.

    This woman has found a way to get desperate horse owners to spend even more money on that "fairy tale" look.

    Theres a bunch of other books on the site as well, home made treats, and a few others I can't remember.

    Scam, Scam, And Scam.

  20. While we are on this topic of tail growth, could someone give me some ideas to keep Whinnie from rubbing the top of her tail so much. I can't see any skin issues on her tail or even with her whoha. I will not bag her tail because she needs it for fly control. I don't show anymore and it does grow back in the winter, but I do want her looking spiffy for hunting this winter.

  21. Ccc

    use sandpaper. The same type they use on their feet. That will certainly get rid of any tail fungus.

    I know........not very mature. I have been getting that a lot lately! : /

  22. The first thing that set off my scamguard was the photos in the header. The horse on the left looks like a youngster- long yearling, maybe two year old. The horse on the right looks much older than six months time would allow. Say maybe a couple of years at the very least.

    Then yes the statement about others overlooking confo faults because of a mane and tail? Well if you aren't concerned with anything more than a long pretty mane & tail to begin with- maybe you shouldn't own horses. Stick with your collection of My Little Ponies or Barbies horse Dallas.

    And who wants every yahoo coming up to their horse? I don't necessarily want everyone or anyone approaching my horse. I have had some real 'winning encounters' at shows just for my riding abilities or having a good ride. People that want to place their kid on my horse for photo ops, just because they like their color... I can't imagine the level of wacky that these manes & tails could draw.

    The GV people are their own group. I wonder if they use this stuff or methods for more feathering? I can't imagine trying to keep that clean and under control.

    The statement about pro photographers snapping photos and sending them to you for free and to use as you see fit?
    Suuuuure, because the photographer has nothing better to do and wishes not to profit from their efforts, experience, talents and the expensive equipment they have used to take them. Don't worry about accrediting them in the ads either. I'm sure they appreciate the oversight. Uh huh!

    As far as braiding goes- that deserves it's own thread and will be posted about as so.

    CCC- try cleaning between her teats and cleaning between her back legs. The gunk build up can create itchys and result in rubbed tails.

  23. I come from a background in field hunters. The mane was suppose to be "thin, even (about the length of a cigarette) and lying on one side." That shows how long ago I learned that. If that could not be achieved you were suppose to cut the whole thing off. Hogged or roached depending on what type of horse you had. I remember there was a difference. Looking back into the dim dark recesses of my memory I believe that hogged was all the way off and roached had about an inch of mane sticking up. Cobs were suppose to be roached I believe.
    I find Microtek Medicated Shampoo to do a good job, I also like Vetrolin Bath Shampoo & Conditioner. I have a friend (she is a dentist and an RN. Go figure) who swears by Dove Intense Damage Therapy shampoo and conditioner for her saddlebred. I have other friends who use hair products designed for African (nappy) hair. They say that their horses manes and tails have the same problems their hair has, a tendency to be dry and brittle.
    Anybody have any experience with the horse color enhancing shampoos? It sounds like fun if it works.
    This topic promises to be as much fun as the perfume topic a while back. The men will peek in an run in terror. My girlfriends and I would clear a room of men by mentioning childbirth or breast feeding experiences back in the day. "So, how did you do with transitioning?" Or "What do you do for cracked nipples?" We might as well have sprayed "Man-be-Gone" in the room.

  24. CCC, try rubbing in some Listerine if CNJ's suggestion doesn't work.

    Also, does she do it more when she's in heat, or right around there? Just curious. I have no solution for that.

    Aloedine is a nice shampoo for chestunts & sorrels, and the purple colored stuff DOES seem to enhance a gray coat.

    Orvis shampoo is THE BEST, though I know people who swear by Lemon Fresh Joy.

    I tried Mane N Tail when I had long hair, but it just made it greasy and even more limp (my hair is very fine and aggressively straight, and beige. I do much better with short & SPiky & red).

    Anyone ever seen the Miss Olga ads in hair salon magazines? This reminds me of those....

    I, too, remember a time when "groomed" meant that the horse's mane wasn't out of control long or thick, and the same went for the tail.

    I never unerstood the rubber banding thing for stock horses.

  25. Oh, and Lansinoh is the ONLY thing for cracked nipples.

    I bet it would work better than Bag Balm on rubbed places on your horse.

    My husband is always up for a good potty training talk, though, so he can show off. :P

    He's also bought various intimate feminine products for me before.

    spousal care WIN!

  26. Kaede- I haven't heard hogged much around here, usually just roached.

    I can remember books always saying the mane should be on the right side. No reason- it just has to be on the right. Any ideas?

    CP- I know Listerene is an antiseptic and works like an astringent. Great for keeping your face super clean- how & why on the tail? Curiosity has killed this cat more than a few times.

    CCC- my red mares tail looks the way it does because she discovered rubbing on the no climb, while turned out and the stall gate when brought in. To the point her tail was bald and raw in some spots and so was the skin surrounding her tail and girly parts. Quite the look, woot! Aaaaaaargh!

    Yes she was wormed- last one Zimectrine Gold, tail and surrounding skin washed with baby shampoo- good for sensitive skin, and everything slathered in aloe vera gel- a tube is about $1 at the local Walgreens.

    Sometimes if the horse is not in a normal work routine and not being groomed, the sweat isn't coming through the pores and cleaning them out. Grooming stimulates the nerve endings and helps bring out the natural oils in their skin, which helps to keep her skin soft and moisturized, less likely to itch.

    Feed supplements work to some degree, but like us, they all have different skin types and sometimes allergies that affect them. Probiotics may help too. Anti fungal ointments, creams or gels can offer some relief too. Think Vagisil...

    When things like this come up, it's usually best to use one brush on them and another for the other horses. No need to be spreading things around and creating more issues. Another good reason to wash all brushes and grooming supplies pretty regularly.

    Ok so women are known for clearing any men from the room by mentioning or discussing childbirth, labor, delivery, breastfeeding and any of the side effects or complications of such. What male subject quickly and effectively clears the room of us women- jock itch? Prostate exams? Things they ate on a dare back in college?

  27. Color enhancing shampoos? The only one coming to mind is Quicksilver (?) I think it was called, for use on greys. It was pretty purple and could be a hassle at times.

    We did use an excessive amount once on a grey mare- leaving a good amount on her- before telling her owner the stuff would NOT wash off. The look on his face was priceless. Man did she shine like nothing else when she was eventually rinsed.

    He did get a good laugh out of it and we are still friends some 20+ years later.

  28. Quicksilver! good stuff, will also give a chestnut coat nice highlights.

    Listerine is a fungicide as well as everything else. I was told by a dermatologist to try it for dandruff if I ever needed to.

    Generic athletes foot ointment is great for any skin fungus, like real diaper rash. I bet it would work on horse ick too!

    We never heard "hogged" around here either. In fact there are a lot of people who don't use any proper terminology and say "cut it all off" instead.

  29. My mom uses "Silver Fox" shampoos for herself. She went white early in her mid forties. It does keep her hair white with out the yellowing.

  30. "I can remember books always saying the mane should be on the right side. No reason- it just has to be on the right. Any ideas?"

    To keep ignorant riders from using it as a mounting aid? (Thinking of some Victorian-era cartoons about hunting, and of Mr. Pickwick.)


  31. I'm a short, well-kept mane girl. I also like my horses tails trimmed just above the fetlock. No tripping, no pulling hairs.

    I roached my QH gelding a few months ago, he's rocking a wicked mohawk now, its great. I also cut my Arab mare's mane to hunter length when we retired her from showing oh so many years ago.

    As for goops, I'm not a fan of MTG. The smell alone had me running for the hills. The super long hair friesian book/goop lady is just crazy--I know, people look at me like I've killed a baby when I say I clip my Belgian's feathers.

    The only goo I swear by is virgin Coconut Oil (about $10 for a huge tub at health food stores or Rite Aid) and the Eqyss rehydrant spray, the former especially. It has tamed the troll doll mane my draftX mare has.

  32. The chocolate stallion with the super long mane is Rockin' Dobbin, a RMH stallion that was a model for Mane 'N Tail products. I'm fairly certain he did not use this crazy lady's secret - instead it was good old hard work, keeping it braided, and genetics. The stallion has now passed on, but I'm sure his owner would be interested to see it on this website.

    As far as long manes go, I have a mare with a nearly 3 ft mane, and sometimes it's a big hassle! I love it, but you have to braid it or come back in an hour and it's nearly dreadlocked.

    She has also been known to catch it in her back shoe when scratching her ear and then ripping MASSIVE chunks out of her mane. I'm sure that hurts!

    With this mare, it is 99.9% genetics with the last .1% proper grooming, application of Healthy Hair Care, and keeping it braided. I will douse it in a good conditioner every now and then too. And I may as well buy stock in Cowboy Magic Detangle and Shine, or Mane and Tail Detangler.