Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY project #1

My friend sent me a link to a blog post from 2008. Seems like a good idea to me. Bethany Caskey had posted about building your own fly traps on her blog Caskey Studios. You may notice the picture above is the same one from her post... Yep, I used it from hers and credit goes to the person who created it. I'm pretty sure nobody could take a photo of the particular happenings.

I haven't gotten a chance to try it out, since things have blown up in a bad way for my friend that sent the link and I am being as supportive of her as I possibly can. We have been through a lot in the 20 or so years we have known each other. Few people know the details since it is a personal matter and I am trying to find ideas of ways she can handle things. Time is always of the essence in matters such as this and I hate the fact she has to even go through it. When it is all resolved (Hopefully soon and with a favorable outcome!) I may post about it on the NPD blog. Or I may not, in hopes of putting it all behind us and moving on in a positive light. Out with the bad!

At the same time another friend of mine is dealing with a full plate of bad things in her Northeastern neck of the woods, another friend has her hands full dealing with her family and another friend is going through a load of crap surrounding legal issues. I swear that some days it just feels like Groundhog Day and we are stuck on the crappiest Monday to be found. I am not going to ask if it could possibly get any worse, but rather I want to know when it all ends? Where is that light at the end of the tunnel? Please tell me it is NOT a damned train!

On a happy note, I did get a few pics of the bay mare during her workout. Had I not forgotten a power cord and my phone wasn't dying- I could post them. For now, you will just have to wait.


  1. Another happy note is that Dena is scheduled to be getting all of her stuff back. Hooray! Now she can get in the saddle, back on her horses, get to work on them and get them all brought along to where she can start competing soon. I am so happy for her.

  2. Sometimes it feels like a train to me too but I'm trying to stay positive and keep on looking forward. Sooner or later it's got to stop. The law of averages says so. LOL

    Hope things turn out well for all and whatever issues that might be causing them duress.

  3. Some days it feels like you just can't catch a break, or others can't .I do hope the situations your friends are facing resolve soon and well. It is tough also as a friend to stand by helpless and watch them struggle ,there is only so much we can do. I am sure they appreciate the support and efforts . If only we could just open a can of old fashioned Whoopass on the offending parties it would be nice , not practical or sensible , but nice .
    Yay for Dena finally getting her stuff back !

  4. Whoopass may not even begin to cover it on some cases Fern, but it would feel good on our part if for nothing else but to vent our frustrations, wouldn't it? May need a few cases of the stuff. Ya got some handy? lol

    RR- we all just keep chugging along. Maybe we are the train in some situations? I'm liking your law of averages. That's a good one.

  5. Good for you Dena! I glance at your blog from time to time, and you've really been through the mill with your county mounties...

    My dad had a scary health thing right before the 4th of July... he woke up orange, and they had to go in and dig out a bunch of gallstones and cut up some scar tissue that was blocking his bile duct (he had his gallbladder out 10 years ago). They sent off some suspicious looking stuff that came back NEGATIVE, so that's a GOOD thing. :) He's a horrible convalescent though....


    Just keep plugging away.

    Hope everybody's shit turns gold soon!!!!!

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  8. Sorry you had to see that GL. It will be gone soon enough. Glad to see you posting though! Here and on your own blog. I'll be raising a glass for you and toasting for better times and smooth sailing ahead. Cuz we all know- this sh!t has just got to stop!

  9. CP- It's always scary when it's your parents. They are difficult to raise you know.

    The whole thing we are dealing with right now is with concerns to my friends mom. One chunder bucket moment after another! As soon as we think we are making progress- it all takes a hard turn left or right and gets more bizarre than anyone could think possible.