Monday, September 12, 2011

Should I go?

Almost a month and no new pictures or even a post over here? I am bad at keeping this one updated, I admit. I do need to post about braiding. We skipped the ADT up north and we also skipped the schooling show. I still need a few things before either one will happen. 

One being gloves- since mine mysteriously went missing sometime after the last show about a year ago.  Another thing I need is a driving apron. I have the material, just need to sit down and sew it. I also need to decide on which hat, which outfit, etc.

I could have taken Kat to the schooling show, but I like to have other horses to compete against. I could have taken him and just entered to school him, but if there is no other horses there, why spend the money and waste the judges time? Is it just me or do others think like this too?  What drives you to go to a show or helps you decide when to skip it and just stay home?


  1. I think earlier on I would disagree , a schooling show when you first began with him just to see how he handled it competition or no I would do , kind of like taking the fat baby appy to the local "paint and QH show" poor kid didn't stand a chance , but we learned the pattern and she didn't lose her mind . But for where you an KAt are at now , you know the venue wont bother him or additional horses , so I say it is time to show when you are ready to get some bang for your buck

  2. I am going to bounce the subject back and second the notion of making a post on how to make different types of braids. That would be super beneficial for me!
    As for going to a show or not, I normally make the commitment a week or two out and don't second guess it.

  3. FV- It would be nice to go and get the ribbons and if nothing else just chalk it up to experience. But if I am showing, I don't like being the only horse in the class. When I am the only horse and just schooling- I have this feeling of wasting everyones time. Hate it when people waste mine so it is an issue for me.

    Appydressage- I had this show on the radar and somehow it snuck up on me. I do need to post about braiding because the one thing that improves your work is PRACTICE!

    Which I admit- I need! Which is also why I will braid my horses for schooling shows. It gives me practice and makes he horses look better as well as showing the judge I took the time and put in the extra effort.