Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hunter braids

My braiding needs work. I need to practice.  Although sometimes I manage to get it right and pull it off, sometimes I don't.  I can admit it. My braiding needs work. But I don't often get time to practice braiding just because.  Which is one of the reasons Why I braid for schooling shows. Why not? It is practice for everything else- why not include braiding?

I braided Kat on Friday night for the Pleasure Driving show on Saturday. In driving, braiding is pretty much necessary for presentation. Neatness counts and appearances are everything. It took me 2 hours to do (which didn't seem like it) and looked pretty good considering. It was still not perfect as I have seen others do and have pulled off a few times myself. Consistency is everything.  Even braids and a straight bottom line to all of the braids makes an impact in the judges eye and their first impression.

Lucky Braids- Ruthann has got it down to an art and a science. Her braids are consistent and gorgeous. Sign up for the newsletter, buy the disc, attend a clinic or ??? but she has nailed it when it comes to braiding. 

For those of us who haven't gone that route but still want to learn to braid- there are a number of forums, websites and blogs with 'how to' instructions. I had found one a while back that was excellent and now I can't seem to track it down again. I hate it when that happens. Usually I try to email myself a link for future reference... Woulda, coulda, shoulda....  and wouldn't you know it, the one time I don't- Poof!

LUCKY for all of us- I found it again at- Hunt Seat Horses 

Along with another excellent post at the Horse Grooming Supplies Forum

Both of these articles have a number of photos to show you how to achieve the desired end result. They also contain numerous tips and notes as to why they do something or don't do it. And now that I have linked to them- I have them here on the blog in my 'notes' for later use.


  1. I am terrible at braiding , but luckily for me I show western when I do show so I am more or less off the hook. I Should practice though , never a bad thing to learn a new skill

  2. I don't braid often anymore, but now that I am into the driving events, looks like braiding will be happening more often around here.

    Western in our area is not complete without banding. Between the two? I will take braiding if I had my choice.

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