Friday, August 10, 2012

On to the next thing

With the coat finished, I had started to work on the hat. In driving it is all about the hat and having the right one is a really big deal. I had one thing in mind and so far- it isn't happening. Lucky for me, my hat has options. Usually your 'turnout look' starts with the hat and you build it up from there. Knowing me like some do- when have I ever been known to do as I am told or follow the directions?  ;-)

The hat is made from the leftovers from the coat. There wasn't much to work with and very few scraps still. For the most part it is two long strips of fabric sewn together, stuffed with stiff interfacing and sewn shut. I wrapped it around my head and measured it where it met, hand stitching it underneath. The top didn't want to go on with the machine so it was handstitched too. It is the same interfacing between two layers of the taffeta I had bought for the apron.

I have also made the apron and have a lot of the taffeta left. So much in fact, that I will likely be making a skirt to go with the coat for the odd occurrance I should go somewhere and need a nice outfit for the occasion. I also figured I would use the taffeta to make the brim of the hat. It is cut out and sorta put together, but I am not sure yet where it will go from there.

Remember the collar I had made for the coat? I tried using that as a brim on the hat. It sorta works, but I am undecided as of yet. It does provide my eyes a bit of shade and since sunglasses are, as a general driving rule, taboo to wear in the dressage ring, I will be needing something or I will be squinting and grimacing my way through the test.

I have sewn the brim on 3 or 4 times, taken it off just as many, tried the hat as a pillbox style, with and without various different adornments and am still quite undecided as to which look I prefer. If you note in the pics, there is a small pocket on the left side, where flowers, netting and other adornments can be tucked in and pinned. Please feel free to comment on which hat style you like best. I'm kinda stuck at the moment and certainly open to outside opinions.....

The complete look- hat, coat & apron. Just need my gloves...

The hat with the collar piece as a brim- all pinned together.

I added a bit of decoration to the hat

And here is the hat as a pillbox style with tulle in the pocket for an accent.

So there you have it. What do you think? I have never made a hat before. I can still add a single or a couple layers of the tulle across the front. At the moment it has a big bow on it on the back. Ideas, thoughts, opnions??? Please??? 


  1. Cute. That material doesn't look like it's easy to work with, and making a hat for the first time deserves some applause. I don't know anything about driving attire, but I like the versatility. You can change it up with each competition.

  2. I actually like the pillbox style on you best but the shade thing is an issue, can it have a partial veil? Just a bit of dark tulle?

  3. NuzzMuzz- The coat fabric is actually upholstery fabric. Shhhh! Don't tell. It wasn't so bad to work with until adding the interfacing. The stiffness changed it up.

    FV- The hats can have a veil and a lot of them do. I am not sure about going that route with it yet since the movement would surely blow it in my face the whole time we are in the arena. Not sure if that would be a distraction or not.