Friday, September 14, 2012


For Kat having popped a splint- he has not shown any signs of soreness, heat, swelling or really anything. Which still confuses me as to how he did it, but it is what it is and goes to show, you can do everything in your knowledge and power to prevent things, yet sometimes they. still. just. happen.

In light of all of this, (or maybe in spite of) getting Kat in shape has been going strong as ever. He is moving forward in such a Bold frame, elevated, moving uphill, walking with freedom in his movement and a looseness in his shoulders... Working him- I am just in awe of my pony.  I may be a bit barn blind, prejudice in my loving my pony, whatever anyone wants to call it- yep. I am.

His workout on Saturday left me holding my breath at times and gasping at others. He was trotting boldly into the water and seemed to be walking on it at times. He left me with a 'Kodak Moment' image burned in my brain that still just amazes me.  I wish I had a photo of his movement as it blows me away.

He was moving much like this photo, only much more forward, very bold and with a lot more THRUST.

This photo from the post Progress in progress 2 years ago when I posted the epic shot of him in long lines. I remember seeing that pic come up on the screen for a quick preview after I took it and thinking Wow. I have to go back and look at that one again later.  Kat has come a long way and I am waiting to see how far we go from here. If he looked this good two years ago, just starting out, is hitting this now with much more consistency and keeps getting better as we go- I can only imagine where he will go with a bit more time and work. I will try to get photos all along for everyone to enjoy the ride with us.


  1. I remember my old neighbor friend getting upset each time one of her show horses popped a splint. One time she was angry with her trainer and blamed her for the splint. I thought Bombay had one once, but the lump went away. They seem to be a common problem with horses. I'm glad it's not affecting Kat's stride and he's moving like you want him to.

  2. NuzzMuzz- Other than being a bit unsightly, splints, for the most part, don't cause any real harm to the horse. On halter horses- they are pretty much an end all to showing in that avenue, but as far as performance classes- the judge is not going to see them from the rail or mark you down unless the horse is lame. Even still, some of the lame horses are placing in classes for some reason(?) and why that is- I do not know.

  3. Dang girl! I am going to have to come down and be your paparazzi!! NEED PICS