Friday, October 19, 2012

Button braids- how to!

Ok so I promised to try and give these a shot. I failed in even getting the time to try to do them. I can admit that. But I was looking back through the posts at Behind the Bit and found one on button braids that was posted fairly recently. Add in the good video and waa-laa. It is a good tutorial video and even without sound, you can follow along at work and get a good idea of how to do it yourself.

When I get the chance I will be giving it a try and taking/posting pictures of my attempt, I need to do it soon as the driving show is coming up next month. If it looks good on Kat, I will be doing them for the show, otherwise it is back to the hunter braids for him or a running braid/French braid.

1 comment:

  1. Great video , now I know how. Will I ever achieve it??? Not liking the chances , but I know you will