Monday, November 26, 2012

Bittersweet thanks

While I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, yesterday was 3 years ago that I lost Tess.

She was my big red mare, the horse that was broke every single one of my own personal 'rules' of what I like and don't like in a horse, yet she's the one horse I miss the most.


A good friend of mine recently was told by a therapist, that "The grieving process takes 3 years to complete."  Sorry but some things take longer to recover from and longer to get over, if you ever do. 


It has been three years, yet somehow I honestly believe three years from now it still won't hurt any less.  RIP- Tess 

I still remember all of the things this horse taught me.  One of the biggest things we learned from each other was how how to let go and still trust it all wouldn't go wrong.


  1. She is stunning- I can see how she made such a lasting impression on your heart. Thank you for sharing your memories, insight, and photos!

  2. it will never really hurt less when you think of the loss, or at least that has never changed for me, what has changed is I remember the joy far more easily now than the pain. She sounds like an amazing mare and you two were blessed for the time you had together

  3. I heard one half to the full amount that one was in the relationship.

    I don't know. I think for some animals and people, the grief lingers much longer. It may fade, but many times will re-arise, as sharp and painful as the days following the loss.

    I have been having dreams rather frequently of my old boy, and always I am failing him. It's been horrible.