Friday, August 15, 2014

Blah, mud, yuck, blah

I admit I have been neglecting things online for the past week or so. I also haven't been riding or driving at all so that's why there's been nothing much to talk about here. I have been spending time with the horses as per the usual when I feed and clean their stalls, but otherwise I haven't gotten to ride or enjoy them lately. It's ok though because I have been working on getting things rearranged and straightened out for the better. When I do get back to riding- there will be more room for it and hopefully I can start driving again soon.

So what is it that kept me so busy and out of the saddle? Well at least it is horse related. I have been moving stall panels and rearranging the whole set up where they are now. No my horses are not at home with me anymore and yes the girls and I have moved. That all changed several months ago. Some of you may have noticed I no longer mention any of the horses I used to have or enjoy working and hanging out with, but rest assured they are all in good places, cared for, loved and have jobs. It is what it is and it's what was best for them, so that's all that matters in the end. Right?

My one mare had a shade and the other one did not. I got sick of stinging up tarps as temporary shades and having to either take them down before storms or have them shredded in the process. Kat also had a temporary shade and it was suffering the consequences as well. What I started on last week and have been slowly working on is changing things around so that the mares share the one permanent shade, Kat's stall is again square and now I just need to get a structure for his shade put together and UP! The last part will happen, hopefully tonight or over the weekend at the latest. It's just so freakin HOT though and the rain means it has been more humid too. I get out of the truck and feel like someone soaked me with the hose. It has been that humid. Ick!

In between it all, of course it rained. Now part of the pens are slop and the mares keep reaching thru the fence to get at the feed barrel- dumping the pellets and snarfing on them like they are totally innocent and since being gelded- Kat is pissing the pen up like nobody's business. Everybody now has a slow feed net so the pellets seem to last a little longer, they have hay in front of them a bit more often and things seem better for the most part. I just need to string up some wire to keep the mares out of the feed between feedings an move some dirt into their stalls and level things out so that the water runs out instead of pooling up.

What I have ended up with is a different place to put the horse trailer near a spot to groom the horses and tack up, a bigger round pen, an extra panel left over, a shade for Kat that won't be drooping on his head (or mine when I clean his stall) and hopefully some peace of mind for a little while. It just flows. There's still a few things needing to be changed, moved, removed, improved and sorted out, but it will come in due time. I will work on them slowly, one at a time in the order of most important, but for now the horses will all have shade, and hopefully I can start riding them again soon. I need some time in the saddle as much as they are needing time under it. Yay Woo!


  1. I hope all is well with you, and the move was a positive one.

  2. Kaede- Thank you. it has been a positive one for the most part. For me, the girls and the horses.

    L.Williams- It has been Hella Work, but like everything else, you get out of it, what you put into it. Once I got things sorted out and squared away, life is so much easier for everyone.

  3. Always something,the horses that you still do have are sure blossoming with your hard work

  4. FV- The horses that moved on are as well. Mondo is a rock star in his new home and hopefully one of these days I will get to ride him.