Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Taking it all in

When I hauled my mares down to Cindy's place to ride them, I was hoping to eventually get some decent photos of my WB mare to post in an ad to sell her. I figured this time around would be a test ride of letting the mares get to see the place and accustomed to it so that later when they were working like they should and comfortable there, then we would worry about photos.

Cindy had different plans and her cameras did too. The batteries kept playing havoc on things and dying on her. She did get a few photo's of Aruba after our ride, I got a few of her tied at the trailer with my cell phone and my camera freaked out not reading the SD card. When I rode her, Cindy had to take a call. She was a bit preoccupied with that, so we were lucky to get what we did. No biggie.

I thought Aruba did pretty good considering. I tried to focus on certain things, what I asked for, praising her when she did it...  The feedback I got from a friend of mine though, was a bit of a different story. Things are about to change. For the better of course, in both my riding and how the mare will be working. Hopefully. As long as it all goes well.  *rolls eyes*

Cindy finally got to upload the videos and I have watched them several times over, just about daily.  Studying them, looking at things. Watching what I do right and looking for things I need to change to make it better. There are a few people I have sent links to and waited for their feedback. One of them, a respected friend in the driving club, came back with some suggestions of how to change and fix what needs it, cleaning up our appearances a lot, but mostly how this mare's way of going is and how she's working. Or at this point- isn't.

For one she mentioned my hands are too low and too narrow. My elbows stick out because of this and my reins are also a bit too long. I need to engage the mares rear end and make her start to actually work. This will build her topline from stem to stern. Also use my legs more and actively encourage her to step further underneath herself. This was in one of my dressage books as well, stated in much the same manner, so yes, it obviously does have some merit.  Lose the German martingale and don't worry about my lower leg coming back underneath me more, at least for now. Fixing the way I ride will in turn fix the horse. Fixing the rest will follow later.

So I will be trying these things in my next ride and those to follow, start making the changes that I need to make. I won't be able to get any video on my own, but hopefully I can get another one soon and show the new updated version of how this mare works. I'm excited.

Another thing that has been an inhibitor has been trying to get a farrier out to do their feet. Mine took a few weeks off without saying a word and I couldn't for the life of me get anyone else to commit to coming out, let alone show up. Unless you want to count the farrier across the street.  I had used him in the past and it wasn't so good of an outcome. We have since exchanged a few words on a few occasions and as much as he begged, I stand firm with my decision. No. I still won't be using him. I don't like to, but I will trim my own when need be. It's hard on my back and I hurt the next day, but I know it is done and the horses are good to go until the next time.

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  1. interesting insights.Looking forward to the next round of videos
    good to have folks who aren't afraid to point out the stuff we need to fix