Friday, October 17, 2014

Pic's as promised

As always click on the pic's to enlarge.

Quite the blurry mess, but the lines are clear enough to get a good idea of how she's moving.

Although she has the bridle on and the reins are tied up over the saddle, there is plenty of room for her to move her head up, down, right, left or put it where she wants.  They are simple split reins and not tight enough to be restricting her in any way.

She is relaxing a little more and dropping her head, but overall she is moving in a more balanced frame, apparent by the angles of her legs being very close to parallel.

Dropping her head a little more, moving off the backend with more engagement. Pretty well balanced overall and starting to lighten up and lift the front end. this is where we will start to see more reach in her movement and stride.