Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

The holidays bring plenty of us enough stress in life, getting everything done, making sure we have all our plans in place, we picked up everything we needed for the big meal, gotten everything about as organized as we can get it and know when and where we are supposed to be, what time we need to leave to get there and on and on....

But what are we truly thankful for?

Here's a few things I'm thankful for this year.

While tomorrow will be 5 years ago that I lost my big mare Tess, I am thankful that I had the time with her that I did. I learned from her how to trust my horse. She knew her job, I had to trust her enough to let her do it. When I let her, she was more than willing to pack me around and pop over whatever fences or mounds of dirt were in front of us. Sometimes that was followed with a buck or two out of sheer excitement on her part. Was I happy about or enjoy those bucks or crow hopping? Not really, but they only lasted the first jump or two and she would settle down to business. She was happy though and yes, I was happy about that as long as I didn't come off. Mostly because it was a long way down.

I am also thankful for all of the horses I have had in the past. While losing Pi, Dooley, and Mo was not easy at the time each of them passed, I am thankful for all of the years we had together. Mo taught me a lot of things about life and how to listen when your horse literally speaks to you. Pi taught me that promises are not to be broken, even when they break your heart. Dooley taught me the size of the heart in a horse has nothing to do with the actual size of the animal it comes in. All of the horses I have handled, ridden or shown in the past, each brought their own lessons I needed to learn and for them I am thankful.

Wednesday will be a year since another big change has occurred in the life of my family. I'm not going into details, but the peace it has brought us is something to be truly thankful for. Soon it will all be put to bed and done with and everyone involved can move on in life.

Thursday will be 5 years ago that I brought the Warmblood mare home and have made a friend in her previous owner. While the original plan was to get her going under saddle and her to be my dressage horse, it has been an up and down, off and on, all over the place. I have learned a lot from this mare too, probably one of the biggest things being her namesake, Patience. While the name does not really fit her personality, in a way it does because she will definitely teach you patience. Just when you thought you had it, she will remind you that you might need a little more. lol Everything I have done with her has been on my own for the most part. The one person I thought I could depend on, was no help at all.

I'm thankful for my pony Katman and all of the crap he has endured with me. While he has been fun to train and show, just over the weekend at the last ADT's I had an epiphany of what I need to change and how much he has really put up with and covered my ass on in competition. I will be going into that more on the other blog about training him, but for right now, he has surpassed the status of a saint. He may not have any idea about becoming a riding horse, but we'll get there and I'm pretty sure he will step up and do the job, taking care of his riders without a problem. He just rocks like that!

Most importantly I am thankful for my girls. The oldest will be turning 21 this year and the twins just turned 6. They are each awesome in their own ways and make me smile often. Yesterday we all went for a bike ride to the park and it was a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we really had a good time.

I'm also thankful for my friends and the other blog writers out there for sharing part of their lives with us. You each post about your own trials and errors in horse ownership and what you've accomplished, figured out and how far you and your horses have come. Some of you have taught me things from a distance, just by reading your posts and although we've never met, I'm forever grateful.

So there' my list of just a few of the things I will be giving Thanks for on Thursday. How about you?

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  1. Among other things I am thankful for you ,my friend! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful peaceful thanksgiving