Monday, June 15, 2015

Back to what I know

Another thing I did to hopefully make progress speed things up a little? I bought a saddle. Happy Mothers Day to me! It's a close contact that I got a wicked, wicked good deal on (always!) including shipping (even better!) and although it isn't the same buttery soft leather of my Crosby? I love, Love, LOVE it just the same.

The new saddle has a narrow tree and I bought it for my TB mare. The Crosby is just too wide for her. It looks good on her, but it sits a bit too low over the withers. When I get on, there is no room for margin in there and will only cause problems. It's also a tad too wide for Aruba and *may* work with a wedge pad. When she builds up her muscles, it may fit her still, but that's not going to happen ovenite. Regardless, it isn't going to fit my TB mare, not now, not then, not ever.... So I figured I would take a chance on the new one and see where we're at. If it didn't fit, I could always flip it (easy-peasy) and keep looking.

I will still need a wedge pad for the TB mare, to use either the new close contact saddle or the dressage saddle. At least until she builds up her shoulders & back (which means being worked...) That's just the reality of it. BUT! It fits Aruba just fine. I switched the leathers and irons off of the Crosby to the new saddle and had to get on and try it out to see how it fit me. Oooohhhh let me tell you....

It's been a long time since I have sat on a horse in a close contact. HEAVEN!!! At first I felt 'perched' up there on my seemingly flat seated (pancake, postage stamp, potato chip) saddle, but after we started working a little and feeling things out, I was right at home. It felt good to be there and I was comfortable feeling my horse underneath me as it should be.

I had no problems leting Aruba have a loose rein to walk and trot on. She even seemed to move out a bit differently, as if she was showing off the new saddle herself. I also noticed I rode differently as well. I sat up more, maybe somewhat in two point. I was back to the saddle and style I know and am comfortable with the most. The photos I posted of both mares, they are wearing the new saddle.

Now it comes to the point of selling the Crosby. It's 17.5" Sovereign, stamped RW on the flaps so I'm guessing it is a regular wide tree? I've honestly never measured the tree on it, but I can. I could use the money. Heck, we can all use money!?!?! But I love that saddle too and won't be heartbroken if it stays. It's buttery soft, leather scented, heaven on a horse. I guess if the right offer comes up?

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