Thursday, January 7, 2016

Calling Dibs

In the latest round of events, it has been raining like hell around here. We're looking at a wet week as far as the weather service says. While some people are dealing with abscesses, so far my herd hasn't presented with any. Yet... But I got to thinking. I have 2 EasyBoots. Both are size 1. They don't fit anything I own at the moment. I need a size 2 for the TB mare and a size 3 for the WB mare. Ponyman is good and rarely has any issues. So if anyone can use these, please email me and make an offer. The money from their sale will go to fund boots in a size I can actually use if/when needed.

Which leads me to another thing. I seriously need to go thru my accumulation of tack that seems to have taken over various locations. I have a hunt saddle, two carts, a side pull, a German martingale and a whole bunch of other stuff taking up space that I don't use, can't use or it just don't fit anything I own anymore. It's all got to go. I'm open to offers on some of it, have pricing in mind on others and look forward to having space for things I want, need, love, use and enjoy.

I recently found a pair of black suede western show chaps, worn once, maybe twice tops. They belonged to the ex and are too big for me. Truth be told there's a matching black felt western hat to go with it, in the box with mine. Not like he ever wore it or would be. There's a couple of pair of breeches in a size I'll never see again, a couple of show shirts (hunt seat), a hunt coat or two??? I'd have to go thru the closet and check sizes on all of that.

I know there are two saddle pads with matching polo's, one a/p & one dressage, new in the packaging from long ago and far away. There's also another saddle a cooler and a size 63" sheet already spoken for, I just need to ship them. A double twisted wire ring snaffle that came with the horse trailer, how many years ago? I'm pretty sure there's also a western correction bit in the mix as well. No need for that since my focus is hunters, dressage or driving...

I also have uncovered a collection of jump cups, probably never use them, several pair are new in fact, just the packaging fell apart. I won't be asking my TB mare to jump and the kids are a ways off from that as well with the pony, so the cups are up for grabs. If anyone wants to trade for something, I'm looking for a new bridle for my TB mare. She deserves one of her own. She has been wearing the one I had gotten for Tess and I would like to put it away and keep it nice. I'm also in search of a half pad to use on the TB mare. The new saddle, even with the narrow tree, is still a little too wide for her. She needs padding up front until we can build up those shoulders a little more and do away with the pad. Boots. I want to get her a new pair of dressage boots. Why? I don't know. I have plenty of polo's and prefer them, but would also like a pair of boots for her too. If there's anything else someone would like to trade for, let me know. Maybe I need one of those too.

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