Friday, July 1, 2016

I'm still here

Although I haven't posted anything new in about 5 months, I wanted to post and let everyone know that I'm still here. My life has been crazy over the past 3 years and there has been a lot going on at times that I either couldn't talk about or didn't want to talk about because of the ongoing crap in the fallout and the aftermath.

The short version is this-
The ex and I split up the end of 2013. The divorce was finally, final in April of last year 2015. There's still ongoing issues in court as a result. I doubt anyone finds that hard to believe. Am I right?

Most of the horses went to new homes. Of the 4 left, I got 3 and have since whittled it down to 2- my pony Katman and my TB mare. I am content with this. They fit in my trailer for the haul when the kids and I moved out of state.

Sure there's plenty of gory details in all of this and a shit ton lot of blog fodder for those who enjoy some juicy gossip. Drama du jour as well to complete the whole package.... I'm sure he's still watching my blogs for any posts about this, hoping for any little shred or scrap he can use against me, but for the most part, he made his own bed and the writing is all. over. that. wall. That's his mess to own.


  1. Glad to see you again.
    You've gone through some big changes & you seem to be stronger than ever.
    Hope you'll post again soon.

  2. Vindictive nastiness is horrifying; no matter who, what, or why. I am sorry you have to go through it, and your children. Sooner or later you can look back on this and see where you became stronger and a better person. Blessings to you....

  3. Ugh 2013 was such a shit year. I am sorry but glad you are able to move on and live on