Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Some good

Sometimes there is good to come out of what we generally consider bad things. I spent the last few days, taking my kids to Arizona to to comply with the court order. That is a bad thing. Those in the know of what all is going on have ALL had the same reaction. Da'Fuuuuuuq?????? I won't comment on that any further as there is still a lot of things to be resolved. Again, the ex is likely stalking me online and would try to use anything he can against me. Good for him.

So how can there be any good to come of this? Well there is.

For those of you who remember back to the days of FHotD, know I have always called things like I see them. Sometimes I shoot from the hip. You may also remember that Dena and I became friends. She told me once that to figure me out, she looked at my herd and what it had to say. She said that I always see the hope in things. I would say that is pretty damned accurate. With the horses, if they are no longer suitable for one thing? We'll just shift the focus, do something different and see how it goes. That's why there is some good to come out of this trip.

It's a long drive from Houston to Phoenix so I asked a friend of mine who moved to San Antonio, where he typically stops when they drive back and forth? He told me and it is a good mid-point to break things up. I'm posting from the hotel room on the way back, Yay WiFi! The girls and I stopped for a visit on the way thru and had lunch with him and his family. I will be stopping in on my way back thru as I borrowed some cd's from him because I forgot to pack mine for the miles when there is no radio reception between towns. Yay me!

I got to see my daughter, have lunch with her and hang out for a while. She still lives in AZ, is doing well and it was good to catch up on things.

I spent some time with my best friend and her husband. We don't always get to talk often, but it's all good. We grew up together and know each others' family well. We went for wings, because I was craving them and Houston does not have ANY Native New Yorker restaurants. BUMMER!!! and TNNY is still running their Tuesday night deal- $0.49 wings with the purchase of a drink, dine in only. Y'all are missin' out!!!

I was also able to pick up a load of alfalfa hay to bring back for my mare in getting her weight back up. She dropped weight in the trailer on the trip to Houston. She really hadn't been hauled much or moved around a lot since i bought her, so she didn't eat much and mainly she didn't drink either. Some horses do that and after years of hauling, I know that and watched her for any signs of distress. Then she paced when we got here so more weight came off. Alfalfa prices are crazy in Houston compared to Arizona, and all of the hay advertised comes from AZ anyways, so I filled the bed of the truck with what I could, threw a tarp on it and hit the road. I have hit rain off and on all the way back so far. My mare better apreciate this! lol

I was able to visit with one of the people who took in a horse when the mass exit happened as the kids and I moved out. We've been in touch ever since, but it's always nice getting a chnce to sit and talk about all the things going on in each others lives and hearing how the horses are doing. The biggest rockstar in all of this is Mondo. He's been working on 3 different ranches and competing in various rodeo events with the ranchers kids. The ranch owners sometimes fight over who gets to have him and when, but everyone is in agreement that he is a solid, all around, using horse. He is one horse that will not have any problem finding a home.

I was promised pic's of him soon and also that I will throw a leg over him one of these days too. Adding to that, he will be given back to me at some point as well, because that's the style and class this person has. Homes like that are what we all want for our horses. Although they have been offered a lot of money, by a lot of people, they are "A man of his word". Mondo is just not for sale. My heart is happy for him.

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  1. so glad you found some calm and joy in this difficult time! My heart is with you