Friday, September 2, 2016


So we've all now had the experience of the not so fun and games of the hotshot at the barn and I wish I could say it ends there. Obviously, sadly enough.... I can't. The things I've seen him do and say? Sadly enough I could almost do a post a day of the things this guy does. Almost. But I won't because of a few reasons. One, he doesn't deserve the attention even if it isn't a good thing for him. Second, its exhausting being around this level of ______. (Please feel free to fill in the blank)

Seriously that blank could be filled in with several different words. I'm not sure stupidity is it or that even ignorance covers it. He is working with the horses, he just doesn't have a clue. He may have an idea what he wants but doesn't have the best idea of how to get it. There's times he does things, as if setting himself up to fail altogether on purpose. The other day he put hobbles on another mare. After leaving her alone to sort it out herself, he tried leading her out of the round pen. The mare wasn't willing to move. Any guess why that was? He hadn't taken the hobbles off of her....

Sometimes I wonder if the guy even likes horses. The way he behaves around them is questionable in that sense. The mare he hobbled is supposedly wild. His words. It's tough to get a halter on her. Supposedly so is the paint mare he traumatized in the washrack. I also wonder if he is just scared shitless of these two mares? I mean he always has to revert back to the lasso and almost choking the paint mare to do anything with her and still manages to f*ck it horribly up. Then having to hobble the other mare in order to lead her out of an enclosed space? Things like that shows that you know you have no control over the situation and no real plan on how to fix it either. It also tells everyone that he's trying to out muscle the horse. Never going to happen. One thing worth mentioning? How people treat their animals says a lot about them.

Just to clarify things, they have 4 horses that I know of. The mare he hobbled was the mare I held for the farrier. Lucky for everyone he hadn't been there that day. When my friend told me the guy is supposed to be a trainer, I laughed a little, but then I cringed because really it's just sad. Thing is? Horses don't lie.