Wednesday, March 29, 2017


In the last post I wrote about clipping the pony and said I would elaborate a little more on things here.

Ms. S had taken video of me clipping the pony and was going to post it to FB but her boyfriend had told her not to. He felt it would be stirring the pot as the girl who had brought the pony and horse to the sale had already caught flack from the previous owner of the horse. The P/O wanted to know WHY she ran the horse thru the sale at all when she had only bought him 3 months ago? The hose was super cute, quiet and sane and the girl was trying to prove her point of being a good trainer because some guy had said she wasn't.

Let's review a little here people. This isn't exactly some high dollar sale and as a result, it doesn't attract high dollar buyers. This also means the sale doesn't exactly attract 'high quality' sellers either. The girl ran the horse thru and although he is a good horse, worth every penny, she held a reserve on him for $4,000. A bit out of the market for that crowd/ venue to say the least.

So knowing your level of clientele and the reason she ran the horse thru the sale was to prove her point to somebody, it leaves me asking WHY? *If I were her*, why would I care what some jackass at a dink sale thinks about me? If she is a trainer, the only 'proof' she needs of her talents or abilities would be her horses. If they are quiet, calm, sane, pretty, in shape and nice movers, they would be well worth the money and she would be moving them for a lot more than what she is.

Claiming you trained the horse when you've only had it 3 months, is not exactly a true statement. You can work a horse and accomplish a lot in 3 months, but you're not going to completely train the horse in 3 months. That would be one of thosse 90 day wonders and I'm sure we've all seen the results. They might come out the other side and pull off a win in the ring, but when you go back and look for holes in the training, you're likely to find many.

Another thing that I have always questioned about people like this girl, is why they would run a horse thru a sale if they had no intentions of selling them? You're wasting the time of the sale barn, buyers and everybody involved, plus the pass out fee. Now I will admit to going to a pony/mini sale in the past, seeing what was going thru, what people were paying and wondering what they would think seeing a pony like mine (Pi at the time) and although I'm sure there would've been a lot of bidding on her I just wouldn't risk losing my pony to a bid I wasn't willing to accept.

There was also another horse at the sale barn, a big bay gelding about 16h, looked like a jumper and the girl had supposedly gone in as partners on the horse with the seller. The seller was the guy saying the girl is not a trainer. According to her- *he rides really good*, but he needs stifle injections to keep him sound. She was planning to be on the rail when the horse went thru and was going to spew her verbal personal garbage and what she knew about the horse. To me that just screams immaturity. Again, why would I care what some jackass at a dink said said about me? The part about the horse riding really well, that's a common statement around here. Not something I would say, but okay, whatever. To me, this would describe a person, not the horse. Maybe- he's doing well under saddle? But if he was a jumper before they got a hold of him, he was obviously going well enough on the flat that they put him over fences. But that would make sense, right? *insert massive eyeroll*

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