Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sweet release

Last Monday I lost a dear friend. She had been battling cancer for the past few years. While I'm sad about the loss, I have also been relieved to know she is no longer suffering.

Rather than focusing on the fact that she's gone, I have been remembering the good things she's done and things she enjoyed in life. She loved her dogs and there were several she owned with personalities much larger than they were. 

I imagine her riding her big red horse Rebel. Mounted on him she was fearless. Rebel was a great horse in the fact he was a total badass, yet a babysitter at the same time. They both had their quirks but that's what made them a good match. 

She loved her truck and the Saab she owned long ago. Hated living in Hellizona (that makes two of us!), was very outspoken at times and she was very smart at some things like the rest of us. She was also married to a wonderful man who had also beaten cancer a few times himself. 

Although I will miss being able to call her or text, I know she will be watching over several of us and haunting us when we screw up. She had a twisted sense of humor and if she had her way, at the end of the funeral service, closed casket of course, would have had the organist repeatedly playing Pop Goes the Weasel just to screw with everyone's head.

She will be missed but I'm sure she is happy to be with her parents and family who has passed before her. 

RIP Auntie M. Love ya much and I'll see ya on the flip side!

PS- please skip the part about sorry about the loss. Instead let's use the comment section to celebrate things we have loved about those we have lost


  1. I loved the way his eyes twinkled, & the little "rust spot" that stained the late-Spring-sky-blue of his left iris.
    I loved his old-man-eyebrows, and how he waggled them at me lecherously.
    I loved to hear him say "HeyHEY Baby!" to me every day.
    I loved how loudly he sang in the shedrow; I even loved his daily 'Porky Pig Blue Christmas' imitation every December.
    I loved what an expert horseman he was - through & through.
    I loved his ginger temper.
    I loved betting sports against him.
    I loved his enthusistic monkey impression, & how he called me his beautiful 'Dragon'.
    I loved that he would swing off the track, scoop me up in one arm & hold me perched on the edge of the bike close beside him all the way back to the barn.
    I loved his arm around me in every win photo.
    I loved how he swung me around the dance floor as if I were a feather.
    I loved the way he told me a new joke every day.
    I loved the way my arm fit perfectly around the base of his 'pot-bellied stove' & how neither of us could ever sleep well without the other.
    I loved the way he smelled, how hard he kissed me, and how tightly he always held me.
    I love him still, & he lives forever in my heart.

  2. Mrs. Shoes that is just beyond beautiful. You are truly blessed.

  3. Hugs she was clearly a kindred spirit!