Friday, January 19, 2018

People are weird

We all know people are weird and horse people can be twice as much. Seeing as how I am boarding my horses again, I see this a lot more on an almost daily basis. Sometimes it is laughable at best and other times it can get a bit scary. I try not to say anything and reserve judgement. I also roll my eyes as I remind myself that it is not my job to police things. I just go about my business and take care of my horses, mostly just sticking to myself.

Having my very diverse backgound with horses, riding both English and western, spending time in both training & show barns and being around people who only trail ride and have no desire to compete in anything, really "Ups the ante" on how weird things can get. Over the years- I have seen a Lot! I won't say I've seen it all, because when I do? Someone will come along with a new brand of crazy that takes it all to a whole new level....

The reason for this post is because there's a person that I can't quite figure out. I've seen them riding around like they're trying to show off, but I'm not sure if they're trying to impress somebody or if they just come off that way. I haven't figured out the angle yet.


  1. So far everyone whose ridden around like they are showing off usually has been! haha.

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