Saturday, April 28, 2018

People talk....

We ALLLLLLL know how much people in the horse world just LOVE to talk. When the story is good and juicy? Boy how they love to talk.... Lately I find myself at the middle of a lot of things at the barn. Before everyone thinks people are talking smack about me, they're not. As it turns out, it's the opposite.

Although my mare's weight is up and down and right now she's sore, she still looks good and has a silky, soft, shiny coat. I am proud of her, even if I can only hand graze her at the moment. My little man- people are amazed at him being 19 years old and the one kid keeps asking if I'm going to work him, because he loves watching him go. Part of it is that the kid is amazed I can make him work like that without being on his back.

There has been a few times the barn owner has, in ways, admitted he doesn't know many of the things I do. He has made statements of "Do what Linda did" when talking about treating a horses wound or even told me that the horse I was working at the moment looked really good. Just last night he asked if I would clip his mules.

The other night at the barn, one of the horses coliced. Everyone had their ideas of how to get the horse to feel better. The one guy was literally chasing the poor thing around the round pen (at a full gallop, cracking the whip repeatedly) and had been for a while. I had the meds and know how to use them so after the owner said "Yes, Please!!!!" I gave the horse some chemical relief.  He was able to relax and instead of them running the hell out of him to keep him from rolling, they were able to walk him around. He did go to the vet and was there for almost a week and I'm hapry to report- he pulled thru.

I have been riding and training the one pony at the barn. A couple weeks ago, speaking to one of the ladies in the group gathered under the trees, apparently they had been watching the workout. She told me they love watching the horses workouts and that I ride like the Boss. (Well That was totally different from before- you know, hearing that my ex had been telling everyone he trained my horses for me. Insert massive eye rolling! HAHAHAHA!)

Part of the new group at the barn has been a few younger kids.  One of them has a younger filly and admittedly he is having some issues with her. Last night he was saying he could not get her into the wash rack. at. all. She wasn't going in, no way, no how. I always like a challenge so I bet him I could get her in. I clipped my lunge line on her and he said something about how his filly was probably going to break it. I walked her up to the wash rack and let her stop for a second. When I asked her to step forward and walk in, she did. No issue and I never even uncoiled my rope. He stood there staring in disbelief and said, "You're shitting me, right?"  I put her in the wash rack and took her out a few times and then had him do it. He could not believe the change.

So people don't think I'm feeling all high and mighty over these things, I just always think to myself- there is a better way. There is always a better way to do things. Helping the horse not to suffer thru a human issue is worth it. That's payment to me. And still when people thank me, I have to remind myself not to self depreciate, but to just shut it and accept the compliment.  Ffs- thank them too!  

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