Monday, May 21, 2018

Good Reads

Since I've been riding a filly at the barn and she would make a really nice looking Hackamore horse, I felt the need to read up on the subject. I put together a hackamore for her, piece by piece for a total of around $50. Much less than buying one all put together. Lol

Using the hackamore, I felt it could use a fiadore to help balance the bosal, so I went in search of one and found a book instead on eBay.

My book was $18 and change and going back to get the picture and a link, I see they're up to $19 and change. Still not a bad deal. Reading into this, I soon learned I don't actually need a fiador. It is used sometimes but not when training. The fiador is actually only there to keep the hackamore on the horse when it is being led or tied. Okay? So scratch that idea....The book is co-authored by Al Dunning and while my ex liked to talk smack about him, by not having any personal dealings with Mr. Dunning, I reserved judgement. In reading this book and seeing the proof in the photos, it sounds just like my ex- a case of jealousy and blaming others even though he very well could've done a lot more with his life. Remember people- Talking smack doesn't bring them Down to your level, just like it doesn't Elevate you to theirs either. Apparently there was a lot I needed to learn about bosals, hackamore horses and the training that goes into them. Also some of the things that were used long ago, while they might be perceived as tacky and unnecessary, they had a place and a purpose for their use. There is a lightness in the bridle that can be reached without even putting a bit in the horses mouth. Achieving this also teaches the horse self carriage, both of which we desire.The hackamores were also used to preserve the softness of the horses mouth as the teeth were erupting, baby teeth were lost and the bite changing. All of that going on in the horses mouth can already leave it sore, besides adding a bit, contact and the various pulling and tugging on it trying to get our point across.So what do I think about the book? I'm glad I bought it. There's definitely a lot in there for me to learn and having it in my collection- I can always go back and read it to refresh my memory and change what I'm doing to Fix things, making it better for the horse. Blessed are the horses whose rider is always willing to learn and improve.

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  1. I always like books as a reference to refresh my knowledge (and of course to expand it)