Thursday, September 17, 2009

I pledge allegiance, to my horse

... to do the best for them that I can. And by taking them in, my promise to them, is to provide adequate food, water, shelter and see to their needs as if they were my own. If at any time, for any reason, I cannot keep my word, it is my full intent, that my horses shall be placed with someone else who can. ***

If only it were that simple in life.

Being as how the American Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787, and those involved hoped for a better way of life for those who would come under their 'care', I feel this is a great day to draw your attention to another group. Currently a small group of people, who have come together in an attempt to bring better things into the life of horses, through the people who already own them.

A few of you may have noticed their website in the "Links" section on mine. Also their blog is listed on mine. A few of you may also know one of the main people involved as she has been blogging alongside the rest of us for quite some time...

A few of you may know Sassysmom, others may not. If not, please consider this your introduction. She has been volunteering for some time, at a rescue local to her and has seen numerous horses go through the cycle. One owner neglects them and the horse either ends up at the auction or dumped at a rescue. From there they may get adopted, but when things don't work out, they end up back at the rescue, where for the horse, it starts all over again. One slip, one crack, and the horse falls victim to the circumstances surrounding them.

The Back In The Saddle Project is trying to break that cycle. They are working towards helping to teach new horse owners how to take care of their horse, in an effort to prevent the horse from becoming another case of neglect or abuse, where the owners just don't know- what to feed? How much to feed? That they need their hooves at least trimmed and how often? How proper tack fit and training can make riding their horse enjoyable- which is most likely why they bought the horse to begin with!

But their efforts are not just aimed at 'new horse owners' they are trying to also help current horse owners. People who may have a few too many to support by themselves, people who just cannot afford to put down their old horse, so they keep feeding them, while the horse stands around possibly suffering from age related issues or injuries.

Debra, Jamie and Aurora are trying to make a difference. Instead of fighting with others and passing judgement on those in need, they are offering to help instead. They want whatever is best for the horses involved. In many cases, the owners do too. But in stepping forward to ask, they face being 'blacklisted' or labeled as any number of things- none of which have a good feeling or presence surrounding it.

Ladies, you have my support! Who knows? Maybe in a couple hundred years, your efforts now, will have made a huge change in things to come. A good change. One that is clearly beneficial to the horses. Here's hoping so!!!

*** The "Pledge of allegiance, to my horse" appearing at the top of this post is an original. If anyone seeks permission to use it, please contact me for information to do so. ***


  1. I love the pledge ! I t is a wonderful thought . Yay also for Sassysmom and her friends in theis project .I wish her all the best

  2. I started following their blog a few weeks ago. Thanx for spotlighting it. They really seem to mean well and I wish them all the luck! Oh and I love that pledge!!

  3. Go Sassysmom and friends! That reminds me I need to get back in contact with my local rescue and do some fund raising.

    The pledge is excellent as well. Good work CnJ, good work.

  4. Thanks everyone for your approval of the pledge. I am working towards getting it printed on shirts, mugs, etc. and hereby pledge to put a portion of the proceeds towards funding the BITS project. They are afterall, the reason I came up with writing it to begin with.

  5. Hi Guys!
    Thanks so much for the kind words and the pledge is awesome !!
    Jamie and I are sooo beat from driving Repo up and down to UC Davis and doing his treatments but awesome news- the vets think we did a great job maybe another week or so of this next round of treatments and he should not have any vision issues - WOOT!!! - We aren't trying to pat ourselves on the back though,Im sure all of it is due to having a really sweet guy that didn't give us a hard time with his treatments and having a great team at UC Davis. He really is just the cutest little booger and so worth all the trouble.
    Thanks again for cheering us on it helps the morale a lot !!
    - Sassysmom