Monday, October 5, 2009

Sneaking a Peek

Out of the shadows of the night, came a dark horse with a past...

To curb a few people's curiosity, this is my OTTB mare MAM, wearing a sheet that is still sorta under construction. Yes that slightly visible blob on the trailer fender is my pin cushion and the measuring tape next to it was so I could get the straps the right length. Did you notice there weren't any on it yet?

So under the shop lights out back, she stood patiently and modeled this while I measured, pinned, marked it and snapped a few quick photo's on the iPhone. During all of this- it started to lightly rain. How wonderful was that?

For those who are not familiar with her story, this is the mare I bought, sight unseen (without so much as even a glance at her photo's) based solely on the words of a friend. Her right knee is what ended her racing career and why she will not be going over any fences or crossrails. It is also the one thing that surely would have landed her on the one way truck ride in a trip over the border, had I not found out about her and bought her on the spot. She was supposed to be a quick 'flip'.

Instead, she won my heart, hasn't been for sale for even a moment and now a few years later is still here enjoying life...

Funny how life works out sometimes!


  1. Some horses just build themselves a corner in your heart and you are sunk. I have had one or 2 come to me over the years that were supposed to move on , and eventually they did ... on to greener pastures over the rainbow bridge never having left the farm.
    I like the look of that sheet. Is it more designed to wick away moisture or retain warmth

  2. Plus you had to keep MAM b/c you MUST have a Braveheart baby and who better to be momma to it????
    I actually did notice no straps. Do I win anything more then a swift kick in the ass?

  3. Beautiful mare, CNJ.
    Very classy.

  4. She's a patient one for sure!! LOL! Another seamstress? I sew everything! From hunt coats to saddle covers. I usually make coolers for non profit show series to use as year end awards. I just made a nice light spring coat for my TB with the m&m guys on a brown back ground. He's a dark bay and when you put it on him, from a distance it just looks like he has the m&m guys painted on him!!
    I to spray things with scotchguard to help keep the stains and moisture off. It can't seal up a horse garment but it can help the moisture stay off until they mosey into their stall or take cover. Good luck with the 'fitting'. Hope MAM loves her new 'sweater'!!
    Now stop by my blog when you're done sewing and enter my contest! It should be pretty funny!

  5. FV- actually both. It lets them dry off, but keeps them warm while doing so. Don't want them getting a chill. It's a wonderful fabric that is lightweight and breathable which will retain just enough heat to prevent them cooling off too quickly, but lets enough of that heat escape to prevent overheating.

    This is a big concern I have and I have always wondered how the material knows how much to hold and how much to let go? I'm probably not alone in that regard...

    And here I was, not thinking anyone would pop up with any questions about it. But I have to say, I am glad you did! I need to be ready and able to answer any and all questions, sufficiently enough, no matter which direction they come from and what 'issues' they address.

    C3D- Sounds like you might enjoy it if anyone kicked you. About MAM, if you'll take note below...

    GL- Thanks. She has the kindest eye I have ever seen on a horse and the temperment to match. When comparing that to the number of horses I have dealt with, ridden or handled over the years- that says a lot about her. To think someone was going to just 'toss her out' or discard her, just, well, there just aren't any words.

    VM- yes when I get a chance to, I sit down at one of the ol machines and try to knock something out. Lately it is a way to keep from doing the paperwork part of all of this. It has to be done at some point though.

    Breeches are next up. Partially since I gotta replace the ones I am currently wearing, that replaced the last pair... Not that I ride a lot, but these have all seen much better days. Of course I have to keep one pair for showing.

    Besides, I've got a pair I've gotta send back. I'm thinkin' someone might be looking for them at some point.

  6. Your lucky. I'm not cleared to ride until Christmas! Plus those are the full seat and my "girly" parts do not like them!

    Can I just say..How hard it is to explain what a Scrim sheet is to someone? It's one of those things that means something different to different folks. Trying to explain it to someone. I looked to the trainer and she explained something different and we both started laughing.
    She (trainer) also busted me on taking your foot out of the stirrup when tightening a girth. I guess that is no longer considered "safe". You are supposed to keep your foot in the stirrup. Who knew???

  7. OMG, she has no head in the first photo! Then she has no neck! Okay, that's just how it looks on my computer.

    I still haven't come out there, have I? UGH I'm such a jerk.

  8. How on earth can you even reach the girth without taking your foot out of the stirrup?

    In fact I was always taught to take BOTH feet out of stirrups when making adjustments, in case the horse took off - then you'd fall off safely instead of getting dragged around....

    I just got a pair of "relaxed fit" breeches off of ebay for $20. They look good.... we'll see.

    Wool & wool blends: still my favorite for warmth in dampness.

  9. C3D- some folks have no idea what a scrim sheet even is?Let alone the wrong idea about it. I am finding a wide variety of products like that. I call it this, you call it that and it has 6 different names between 4 different people? How does that happen? Who knows!

    And I am working on breeches that are 'girly bit friendly' but not in a sick sort of way. So all the pervs out there, get your minds back UP in the gutter where they belong.

    Kat- love how that worked in the pic's huh? Yep, shadows, lines and such are how the car mfg.'s keep their new designs incognito until release. Shhhhhhhh lol. One if these days you'll make it out here.

    CP- I think dropping all chances of getting hung up, should anything go wrong, is always the safest bet. I snug the girth up when the saddle is first put on. Then check it before lunging, then again just before mounting. Snugging it up a notch or two as needed. Slowly as it goes, but all to help keeping a horse from getting cinchy as a result. Also keeps me from having to check once I'm up there, but then isn't that where your 'ground crew' comes in to help?

  10. It was brand spankin new rider and she said she wanted to tack up herself to see if she did it correctly.

    She forgot to recheck girth before mounting. Trainer caught it right away. I was already up and said I'd tighten it. The rider just swung her leg forward and I said "for saftey..would you please drop your stirrup" I tightened the girth and Trainer said "can you repeat what you said?" (not in a snotty way) I told her I was raised to drop sturrips when making adjustment. She said that is no longer "considered" safe and Pony Club, ARIA all teach now keep stirrups.
    I looked at her and said.. Ummm...I was taught 31 yrs ago and they way I was taught no longer exsist! What do you want from me!!!! We all started laughing but isn't it funny!

    CNJ..don't get me started on Scrim vs cooler vs..blah. I'm trying to break the one lady of calling them A-rabs..sigh.

  11. C3D- Another sign of the times a changin'... and not for the better.

    Just like the dressage barn we've been discussing. I am seriously thinking to address that here.

    After all, you can do a lot to get ready for the show and look like a winner going in, but there's a lot more to it than just 'looking the part'.