Monday, October 19, 2009

They say things happen in three's...

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I sure did!

There were a few things that happened over the weekend, that just have me flying high atop a silver cloud. Not just a cloud lined with silver, no, no. A SILVER CLOUD!

1. The horse I mentioned in this post about there being more to showing than just looking pretty, has been confirmed it IS the horse another poster has been searching for, for quite some time. I received a text and an email confirming that "OMG!!! IT IS HIM!" and how much I rock for finding him. I am just happy to say he has been found, is in a great home and there is another exciting twist to this story which I will be posting as soon as I get everything right. The twist proves yet again, just how small the horse world really is.

2. In checking my voicemail I found a message from a woman requesting I contact her in regards to body clipping her horse for an upcoming show. Her trainer recommended she give me a call to do the job. Her trainer had called me around this time last year about clipping a few horses, which I couldn't do because I was due to have the girls, in just a week or two. Funny thing about all of this? I have not met this trainer yet. I wouldn't know her from anyone else, even if I was standing right next to her.

In trying to sort out how this person knows of my work (???) I can only determine she has seen the horse which I finished the clip job on, that was started by another. I am presuming the horses owner spoke highly enough of my handling her horse to pass my number along to the trainer. This horse is one of her 'babies' and I have to add- the person who started the clip job on this horse had to use tranquilizers, just to clip the neck and body of the horse. In finishing the job, which included touching up some of the work already done, the only time the tranquilizers were needed, was when it came to doing the mares ears. Seeing as how the majority of the horse population does not enjoy this part and sedation is generally necessary- no big deal. The horse stood relaxed and calm and let me clip away. Just as it should be.

This is a horse leased by one of her students. The students mother worked with a friend of mine. Our mutual friend had asked if I could finish the job. Another funny twist here? She had never seen my work prior to this either!

Then comes the last part-

A few know of the fly masks I make and the two that I sent to another blogger Dena. She featured them on her blog Living Beyond the Dream and very briefly described the excitement she had felt upon receiving them and how impressed she was by the craftsmanship and quality they possess. Which leads us all to...

3. In reading the blog from the group over at the Back In The Saddle Project, I learned about their mini 'Lil Bit and how he has to wear a mask because of his torn and half missing eyelid. Poor kid! So I asked for an address and sent them one too... Wanna see for yourself the mask and what they had to say about it? Take a look.

So it's easy to see why I am in such a good mood to start the week out. I am sitting here atop my Silver Cloud and enjoying the view. Anyone care to join me? There's plenty of room and snacks to go around.


  1. I LOVE that fly mask! Can't wait to see more of your work! Very excited! Can't wait to see the scrim sheet.

  2. Way so COOL!

    Can I sit up there, too, oh, PleasE??
    Just for a sec?
    I want to see what the view looks like:)

    Great way to start a Monday.

  3. So great that the horse was the one your friend was looking for ! Even better that he? has a good home. Can't wait to hear the rest! Hope its a big cloud ,as well clamour up to sit with you!

  4. Oooo...1st! I'm too cool for school

  5. Plenty of room, come on up and stay as long as you like.
    It can only get better from here. At least that's how I see it. And from what I hear, the tooth fairy has been at work as well. :D

  6. Well you know those mythical creatures, can't stay still!

  7. We LOVE Lil Bits' new fly mask it is awesome. Jamie's husband is really picky about quality and he went over it with a fine toothed comb The verdict.... Super impressed with the quality best mask yet! Thank you so much Linda and best wishes on everything !

  8. Hey CNJ

    At some point before the spring, could I get a few fly masks for my horses. Say, like, maybe for Lil Pep, Mondo, Johnie, Chica.....?

  9. Always the cobblers kids, being the last in line...

    Besides, Mondo already got his. And proceeded to lose it!

    So to our neighbor somewhere down the line on the irrigation ditch- if you found a green and tan mask out in your pasture, could you bring it back? Please?

  10. i would commission a flymask like that if my goofball gelding would keep one one. maybe for the nightMare next fly season......

  11. I hope y'all read this post b/c it will make your blood boil!!! I know this related to the blog a couple of weeks ago but I'm so pissed off I thought I'd post it here. A little back ground. My friend has a RID (Reg Irish Draught)stallion; she has raised from a yearling. He is extremely laid back and respectful. VERY MELLOW. Anyone can ride/jump him. She had an opportunity to take him to a Dressage clinic with an FEI (see a theme here) Trainer who rides a RID stallion at Prix level. My friend was very excited to be able to get in this clinic.
    Well the trainer rode Studly and promptly took the whip and spurs to him. No warm up, no getting to know this animal..just got on him and went after him. Owner missed some of this and when she saw the welts from the spurs, promptly pulled Dumbass from Studly. Owner was sooo upset she couldn't talk..good thing her friends weren't so kind. here is the resulting email from Dumbass trainer:
    - Obviously the love of his mom's life and clearly has a good mind. To Owner: You have done a wonderful job with your horse and clearly have a great relationship with him. For the levels you are riding him in, he has more than adequate training with you. Understanding more now than I did yesterday of your challenges juggling work, home and horses, I really commend you for your achievements and know you will continue to improve and do well as you progress. Studly reminds me of his dad and clearly has a good bit of his mom influencing him as well. I think you are a well matched pair and he is a handsome boy. For my personal tastes Studly needs to become more responsive to the leg/aids laterally, work more over the back, and on your terms as you ask. Of course since my main focus is dressage, moving off the aids promptly and into the bridle is key for my discipline and I believe only makes a horse better and more adjustable in every discipline. Although you might never want to work with me again after yesterday, know that I only speak my truth regarding what I see as his future needs, not in a derogatory way, but as a professional who knows the two of you can achieve more quality together if you were able to put in the time. As an amateur horse and caretaker, I can see he is more than up to the task.
    (me back in) WTF!!! This Dumbass had ridden Studly's Father and just ASS-umed what???? Trainer also made the comment that Owner doesn't know her own horse and that he acts up at home all the time. This owner in NOT an ameateur. And no this trainer didn't mean that she's not a's meant as a dig. Thank goodness Owner pulled Dumbass from Studly but both Owner and Studly are still shaken. So again we see a FEI trainer...doing what??? A whole lot of nothing!

  12. C3D- I'm glad to hear someone stopped the jackass before things went too far, but sad that it even happened to begin with. That just plain Sucks!

    Someone must have a lot of nerve or be sooper stoopid to climb on a horse and go to town wailing on them when they don't know how the horse will react.

    What if this had been a horse that had been abused in the past and the owner had finally gotten him that far in his recovery? If that had been the case I am sensing the gates of Hell may have opened up on the guy. Plus a giant, GIANT can of Whoop Ass!

    If the welts or spur marks are still visible I suggest taking photo's and filing a complaint against the guy. Nail his ass for it. I would start with animal control, the police, FEI and whomever else may listen. It would sure send a message.

  13. Bonnie- drop me an email. You may be suprised. We have one of those that is tough on the masks and takes them off to play with them. She likes hers and comes to the fence to get it put on. You never know.

  14. CNJ: It was a WOMAN from FL. Trying to find out the name so I can send her my 2 cents. that email just boils my ass. I've been riding that stallion for 6 YEARS!!!! ME...Bad back, confidence issues..ME!!! I can ride him around mares, on trails you name it....EFF YOU SISTER for daring to beat that boy!

  15. Woohoo! Love it when things fall into place! You GO girl!

  16. Oh, and fancy pants dressage trainers. Grump. I went to a clinic a few years ago, they were using freaking CHAINS around the horse's noses to lunge them! WTF! One beautiful horse was so pissed that he was kicking to the inside of the circle, and I could just see him thinking that he wished he could just stomp the silly twit, and was warning her to seriously stay the F*** away from him. Lady giggles and says "he's just playing." I left. How could anyone misinterpret such clear body language? Oh yeah. Rant over, carry on...

  17. C3D-which just goes to show stupidity, carelessness, ignorance and arrogance knows no boundaries of gender, race, financial, religius or geographical restrictions.

    Trash is trash and can be found anywhere.

  18. Continuing the happy note- I will be clipping the horse. I'll ask if they would like to snap a few pic's and then I can post about it.

    Otherwise I can just post about it and feature pictures of clipping one of ours.

  19. c-n-j - he literally cocks his head to the side and searches for a place on his pipe panel fencing to tear the mask off. i had him in a double-velcro kensington this time after he tore the original cashel i'd bought off (straight ripped through the velcro by hanging it up on the pipe)... the kensington was so tight i was afraid he'd hang himself. figured he can deal with the flies if he wants to be that way - not going to risk him hanging up on the fence and torn fly masks are just a waste of money, kwim?

    my MARE however, loves her fly mask. do you put darts in them to keep them off the eyes?

  20. Wow...a smorgesboard of delights. Fabulous fly masks which I can attest too.
    Just try to take em away from me!!!
    Oh they are for the horses?
    A silly ass FEI trainer. No offense but that takes how many box tops and how big of a check???
    Sorry to hear about Studly's rude introduction.
    I own spurs and a whip. I haven't worn or used either in so long and hmmm...let me think...nope never at the same time.
    I have fallen so far behind I will never catch up.
    But no one is kicking at my head either.

    I want on the cloud. And hey JR want to have a for fun trainers challenge this next spring?
    Whattaya say?
    I will have 3 year olds flying out of my butt this next spring. Well not really but you know what I mean.
    We could do it by video or something. And fly masks to the winners. And scrim sheets. And flowered breeches.
    Huh CnJ you game? I am a greedy girl.
    Who is in love with your product and my wonderful and beauteous calendar.

    I have the best of friends and the world is rosy indeed.

  21. i will do a trainers challenge bring it on!

  22. Okey Dokey Dude. What are we doing?
    This could be fun!!!

    The Winner Has To Model The Flowered Breeches.
    Are you skeered yet?
    Not me.
    I like them.
    I think they make a singular statement of I am creative and confident.

  23. I have no idea what we are going to do. You could send me a three year old and give me so much time to get them started and doing whatever you discipline you want them to do. I am not sure we will have any three year olds that I need to start. That is one thing that we can do. Other than that I am at a loss.

    I have not worn breeches since 1984

  24. hmmm...let me think on that. Someone figure out the mileage please.
    We could always do some type of fundraiser to raise the fuel costs.
    This could be interesting...

  25. Sure Dena , then next year we will ship the Fat Baby down(you know the one) , to be started (hehe) you wouldn' mind baby sitting her would you?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Holy Smokes! Been hanging out down south and missed all sorts of things going on here.

    Dena are ya ever going to join me on the Cape? You started it! And they are welcoming you too you know. I haven't yet brought things back here yet, but I will and it should be fun.

    And since you mentioned them, should I model the breeches and post them as well? Only a few have seen them so far. Psst. I almost have the matching shirt done too! Won't that be a look!

  28. DANG IT DENA...I wanted those pants! They match my luggage. I ain't no trainer see..ooooo...maybe I'll go get my FEI card. I'm sure they'll let an overweight crippled ex-Hunt Seat rider teach dressage (say that with snotty french accent).

    As for you DARE you ignore me all day!

  29. C3D those breeches were made with my big ass in mind thank you very much.
    Ask CnJ those flowers have to be spread to fully

    Fern don't tease me...Oh okay do. No I would not mind babysitting her one bit.
    She is loverly.

    CnJ they are welcoming me??? No way???
    A place I have not been and they already know my name?
    Deja Vu or what!?!
    Just kidding. I

  30. Dena they do not know your name there as I do not know what you shall be calling yourself.

    If you and C3D don't quit arguing over the pants I'll pull this blog over and make you behave. JR, where's the rolled up newspaper?

    Anyone got the beer and popcorn handy? ROFL!

  31. Bonnie- yes the darts are to hold the mesh up off the eyes. Which also helps prevent the mask from rubbing a raw spot. The nose is a bit longer than most too.

  32. Dena..I don't think we should let "mom" talk to us that way!

    I'll show you a "rolled up newspaper" sista!!! Don't make me go ghetto on your ass!

  33. Holy Shit...I needed the laugh.
    C3D no worries.
    It is a very well kept secret that JRs rolled up newspaper met its match and demise.
    Which is why they now on rare occasions call for the hose.

    Jaysus CnJ you seriously made a shirt to go with it?
    I am going to let JR win so we can all experience "Manly Glory in Shades of Peony."

  34. Are the bad trainer's initials J.S.? I just check her website, and here is the first claim she makes:

    "Why sawing on your horse’s mouth doesn’t get him on the bit and how to do it correctly (from back to front!) in 3 seconds."

    3 seconds? Yeah, right.

    Sceptically, Ruthie

  35. Ruthie- yes they are. How funny s that? I am wondering if it is coincidental or if you 'nailed it'. Drop me an email and I will confirm or deny the identity. I also know about a few of the others on the website. Not at all glowing information either.