Friday, March 5, 2010

For Sale Friday- Saddles

I am going to start labeling things and giving them categories. I really am, as soon as I get a chance to. Hopefully this will help when someone wants to go back and look for something. Easy look up.

Fern Valley is also posting For Sale Fridays on her blog. Fern Valley Appaloosas listing horses she has, knows about or otherwise, that are looking for a new home and new owner. Maybe between us we can get everyone out there tacked up, harnessed up, mounted up, in their cart, carriage, sleigh or behind their plow and enjoying their horses.

Johnie Rotten also has a Trading Post for classified ads on his website. He needs to put a lot more stuff up there and everyone is welcome to send in their ad and pictures. For $10 he will list it there until sold as well.

I feel both saddles are certainly worth what they are being offered at.

First up will be Cattypex's saddle:

I have a mid-1980s vintage Silver Royal for sale...
15" seat, fits most average Quarter Horses and larger Arabs.
Used very few times. Mint condition, SOLID, sturdy, just enough silver.
Beautiful deep chestnut color - tooled in an oak leaf & acorn design.
Freshly cleaned & oiled. Very little wear on the seat.
Made back when Silver Royal was a much more respected name in the industry.
Perfect "starter" show saddle.

Included is a classic one-eared headstall with flashy silver buckles, silver bit hangers. Flatters many head shapes. Not sure of the brand, but the leather is quite nice. Includes decent reins and fairly generic bit. All it needs is a curb strap, and you're ready for the first show of the year!

Asking $500 for the set.

(CNJ back in) In the original post, she had put in parenthesis (OBO to you guys.) Let me just say, a good saddle like this, certainly holds it's value over time. Accepting any less would be a shame. Offering any less? I know I wouldn't do it!

For the English riders we have a saddle being offered by Crazy 3 Dayer:

I paid $300 for it and that's all I'll ask..extremely comfortable! It really is an all purpose..longer flaps for flat/Dressage and nice knee rolls (removable) for Jumping/Eventing.

There is no brand name on it and it does not come with leathers or irons. 19" seat with a Med-wide tree. It has fit a few different horses comfortably. Irish Draughts, QH, Grade, etc. It's currently in TX, buyer pays shipping.

(CNJ in again) Another nice looking saddle that again, holds it's value over time.

For anyone interested, if Cattypex or C3D would like to post their contact info in the comments, that works or email me and I will pass your info along to them. Either way, I will help put everyone in touch.

Anyone else have any saddles they would like to see go to a new home? I know BEC was looking for one:

I am looking for a specific saddle...

A used Billy Cook All-Around saddle-15", FQH bars with a minimum gullet of 7-1/2", but prefer 7-3/4". Good condition, but doesn't have to look like "new".

In the absence of such a find, I am looking for;

A similar quality barrel type saddle-15", same criteria for the bars and gullet(FQH-7-3/4" gullet), square skirt, with back cinch latigos(I don't mind replacing the back cinch though).

I am not particular about tooling/silver(or absence of)...the most important part to me is the FQH bars and 7-3/4" gullet.

If anyone knows of something along those lines, you can email me *edited* through the blogs. Thanks

*If anyone needs the email addy, I know she posted it in the comments on the last FSF post, or again- email me and I will put you in touch.


  1. I'm at


  2. Awesome...Thanks!

    Had to laugh at myself..."back cinch BILLETS". Was thinking of the latigos my brother put on my roping saddle for the back cinch and for the life of me could not remember the word "billets"-LOL.

    I'll anxiously await the photos of the saddles. I could also use another "show" type saddle and will also need another english saddle if both Megan and I are going to show English this year.

  3. OK I stuck a photo in my profile....

  4. What's funny is that when I visited my dad's cousin's Appaloosa farm in Colorado last year, he had the EXACT same saddle, except it was the Royal King version, and wasn't nearly as nice as mine. Weird.

    The silver on mine has the little ropy edges btw.

  5. Cattypex, that looks like a very nice saddle
    Cnj, linke back here on my new post as well

  6. BTW , I am going to be needing a show halter , for the fat baby . I have one that will fit Phoenix , but Cat has a very petite head

  7. well, humpfh.
    No pictures.
    I have a bridle, no-one is allowed to have it.

    My first horse's bridle.
    Amazing how long they last, taken care of.
    Remember laced reins? Bitch to clean, they were, but oh, they looked nice:)
    HorseLess, But Never Tackless.
    Tactless, well, okay, MayBe.

  8. You mean there are other kinds of reins???

    Oh I used to want the braided/woven leather reins until I tried some that were only a season old. Callous central!!!

  9. GL- I just put the pictures up. There for the gazing at...

    I remember back in the day, I bought my first saddle before I ever owned a horse. Bridles followed and before I knew it- full blown tack room and only one horse.

    CP- I bought a pair of roping reins. Braided leather in the middle, where you are supposed to hold onto them. I found out really quick one winter why they were not a great idea. Chewed my hands up! Calouses were no match for those things.

    The next day I measured the horses head and cut them down, turning them into a really nice slip on bridle. Problem solved. No more braided leather for me.

  10. BEC- maybe the saddle C3D has would work for you? Dunno...

  11. So help me out here . Spent some time on ebay last night looking at show halters . Mare size dark oil some silver. Many brand names old new used etc . The prices run from $50 -$400 no relation to age brand name quality etc. So what is the average "new price " If I have a starting point ,maybe I will know where to start . Other choice is to get my saddle maker to build one for me and I can put what silver I want on it.Now that I think of it I might just go that way he is very reasonable and I get a great discount with him (most repairs he does are free for me)
    Anyway ignore the ramble and does anyone know the "middle of the road" price?

  12. ooooh, nice stuff, thanks!!!

    I ReallY think there should be an "eau de leather that's used on horses".

    I'd spritz it on, all the time:)

    Hmm, or maybe I'll just buy some saddle-soap for myself:)
    How different can it be from the clear glycerin soap bars?

    work, right, I'm supposed to be working.

  13. Fern- there are pretty much prices acrossed the board on all of it. I have seen show halters starting around $30, but it really makes you question the quality of both leather and silver. Used at $30? May have started out as a bit better quality but seen some use, maybe some serious use...

    Check around on Tack Trader and see way you can find, consider the stones and silver. Check on the different websites of buying new- most saddle brands also make show halters and leads. Finding them new will give you a 'baseline' where they start. Comparing them in used condition then becomes much easier.

    Sounds like I am liking your leather guy. I may be emailing you with a wish list!

    GL- I hear you on the 'eau de leather used on horses.' Not much compares. Saddle soap? I'm thinking there are plenty of us who have used horse supplies to do first aid on ourselves or someone else. Saddle soap may not be much different? Might check with a dermatologist though. Don't know if it would produce the same aroma.

  14. Well, jeeez, I slave and type and slave and mouse and NUTHIN.
    What did I say now??

    14th, and humpfh.

  15. I showed Catty's saddle to my daughter and she likes it, so I am interested.

    CnJ-What does JR think of this saddle as a possible reining saddle? It looks to me like many of the other reiners out there, but possibly more comfortable, without all of that padding in the front of the seat. Just wondering if it looks like it would put a person in the correct position though?

    As for the English saddle, I like that as well. However, I usually ride a 17-17-1/2" English saddle. Would a 19" be too big?

  16. Hey, my old computer tanked. I need to sell that Skyhorse saddle. I have to try and retrieve the pictures of it off my old computer though.

  17. hp I may have saved the pics you sent me .That was one stunning saddle!If I find them I will send them to you ? or CNJ?

  18. Probably to CNJ. lol She is way more tech savvy than I.

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  20. Fern- send them to both of us if you have them. I can use it on next Fridays post and if HP wants to use it on her own blog- it's that much more exposure.

    HP- didn't you know the people who make the Skyhorse saddles? Could they possibly help you 'rehome' it? I remember seeing the pics and it is quite the piece of artistry.

    BEC- The 19" shouldn't be much different for you. Just a little more room to move is all. You can adjust your seat position (forward or back) a bit more as to where you sit in it. I also ride in a 17 inch seat on my close contact.

    JR has seen the saddle CP has. His word is that it looks like you could do reining in it and like you said, it is not overpadded up front. I have noticed some of the eq saddles going that route.

    I'm trying to think of something to post about, because it rained over the weekend and no pictures of the boys, the mares or the saddles.
    :( I'm trying to put up more than the 2 a week I have fallen back to.

  21. I have been looking as I was sure I kept pics of that gorgeous saddle .I was at the time trying to convince a friend of mine that she really needed it , but seing as that is the friend who is now selling her horse... long story short I guess I don't have a copy of the pics , sorry .
    CNJ , how about a spring cleanup post ? you know the "shaving cream disolves poop" type of thing , tricka to make your horse "ready for their close up?

  22. I just photoshopped some manure stains from a lovely gray horse for a brochure.... wish it was that easy in real life

  23. CP- I may have found something for you to look at. I will be emailing a link. I am just checking further into a few things about it. And I call dibbs on the Passier!

  24. Will have to get back to you guys on these saddles, am bidding on an Ed/Martha Wright barrel saddle. I'm really trying to curb my "cheap-skate" gene. I MUST have a barrel saddle that fits Moon...and soon. Finding a used Wright barrel saddle for sale is like finding a needle in a haystack. Rare...but oh, so worth it!

  25. BEC- some things you just drop everything and do it. This is sounding like the case. We all understand that!

  26. I like both of the saddles. Unfortunately, no use here for a western saddle darn it and I already have two close contacts that I love.

    Personally, I love braided reins. Call me silly.

    Sigh, I have a lovely bridle and breastplate made by New Cavalry that I bought for Spunky for show. Back in the mid 90's it was all the rage on the A circuit and it looked really good on him. Unfortunately, Whinnie and Wizard are a cob size and of course big head Fred can't wear it so it is just hanging around. I go back and forth on selling it. AAARGGGHHHH!

  27. Please bear with me. I am trying to write a post about the western saddle trees and their effects on 'tenting' the saddle pads, like GL was asking about.