Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Fun

I have pretty much run out of things to post on For Sale Fridays, so for the most part, I am going to suspend that until I dig out more of our own or I am suddenly flooded with emails from posters or followers wishing to clear stuff out.

For now I will go back to Fun stuff on Fridays. Which leads to the new blog in the just for fun blogs- Workforced

I received an email in my inbox about 5am from Don Joe the author of Workforced, inviting me to go have a peek. So I responded and said I would when I got in to work. I mean, what better place to waste some time than another blog, right? And this one is talking about stuff in the workplace.

Pretty much everyone has a job of some sort. If you are an at home parent- You have the most unappreciated, underpaid job in the world! Any of us that commute- we travel to jobs we either love or hate. Work from home? There may be very few 'paid vacations' or official sick days, but you get to set your own hours and work in your pajamas, so there is some kind of a trade off.

I am in the process of reading through the posts and catching up. I'm sure we can all relate to something there. Maybe even add a few stories of our own. I know I have a lot to share...

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter. Here's to finding colored eggs all over the lawn instead of nibbled bushes and bunny pellets. Even still though, the pellets may break down into good fertilizer, so it's not a total loss.


  1. (I still have that saddle up for sale. Next step... eBay.)

    I love my job. I love working at a college, and my office is in an old house. I've got both windows open today.

    I have an 8 minute commute. Preschool is less than a block from my house. My horse is 20 minutes away, though. I'd love to move him to the campus barn, basically down the street from my office and just fanatically well-kept! Oh well. Maybe next school year...

    Good stay-at-home parents are very special people. I don't think I could do it nearly as well as my own mom did. And my dad, when he was laid off and my mom was working.

    Working from home has its drawbacks - my brother in law is self-employed, and everyone just assumes he is AVAILABLE.

    Sometimes I wish I ran one of those pyramid empires like they advertise on late-night TV, where you go into your fancy home office for an hour a day then race off in your Ferrari for a day full of fun and adventure.

    Oh wait.... that doesn't really happen.

  2. Hoping you have a happy easter as well! My Fridays for sale stuff has patered out for now till I have updates as well

  3. We have, sorry haD, 10 pairs of splint boots. I sent 2 to Dena, repaired a few and have to go through them. I may be listing them soon, or else putting them on Tack Trader as well as CL.

    Still have the bridles, still have the bits, still have the carts and pony sized harnesses. I did sell my A5 clippers and the horse sized harness though... Yay for that!

    Oh and I just found out my little man should be tested for a number of color factors.

    Red Factor/Agouti
    Tobiano &
    Roan Zygosity

    Good thing the feed store ordered a bunch of masks... Fern yours will be on their way soon enough too.

    In the blogs on the right you will find a link to another new blog- Bitchin' Barn Babes! where a group of us are motivating and challenging each other to get our horses going, get ourselves in shape along with them and get out there and compete! Everyone is welcome to put their two cents in.

  4. OK, OT but important for horse grooming.

    I've only ever OWNED mares, so this will be my first time cleaning out ... horse boy parts.

    This is awesome:

  5. CP- that is funny as well as educational. There is also a sheath cleaning song out there. I printed it and hung it on the side of our fridge.

    I usually just use the hose to rinse things out, soften and loosen anything hiding and it just comes out with the water, on the ground. Rinsing the sheath every time you rinse the horse, helps keep it all from building up to begin with.

    My little guy produces an incredibly waxy goop that sticks to your fingernails, cuticles, etc. Not a lot of smell, but it's there. The Arab stally doesn't quite produce so much, not much smell either, but we have had boraders in the past, whose geldings were just miserable looking until things were cleaned out. By that point it almost always required a vet and sedation.

  6. ewwwwwww

    I got me some rubber gloves, just cuz.

    My husband found the printout in my car and about died laughing. ;-)

  7. ewwwwwww

    I got me some rubber gloves, just cuz.

    My husband found the printout in my car and about died laughing. ;-)

  8. It's a free supply of black crayons, CattyP.

    I must have been lucky, or the horses of yesteryear had um, more relaxed outlooks.