Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Learning curves

I am trying to figure out how to upload video of my pony from his workout last night. For some reason it is just not working. Annoying, yes. Frustrating, yes. Time consuming? Yes. So I keep trying, giving up and coming back to it later...

When it finally works, I will gladly share. I know some of the bloggers and commenter's were interested to see his movement. Thing is, this isn't even it. He is not giving it his best or throwing out the BIG Action that he has. When he does- it blows your mind and will give you chills.

Another thing I haven't quite managed yet is adding reader pics to the Photo Gallery on the BBB's blog. I am trying to get to that and get those up as well. Bear with me on this.

*** Edited to add the links to YouTube ***

Kat Trot This one seems almost like he's moving in slow motion... Weird! He isn't, he wasn't and I doubt that is even an option on my iPhone. If it is- I don't know how I enabled it to work.

Kat's workout This is from the beginning of the workout and he is running around a little bit excitedly. He does this weird thing where he tucks his tail and butt under him and elevates in the front before getting a bit 'broncy'. If you stop it at the 12 second mark, he is quite round and in full bronc mode for him, meaning he is about to leap forward as seen at 13 sec. He is also doing it at 4 & 5 seconds in.

Kat on the lunge line This one shows him cantering and then trotting some. It is also the one where it really looks like his legs are going backwards, but he is moving forward. In pausing it and moving the little button frame by frame, it skips a second here, a couple seconds there, but playing it all the way through- it is continuous. I don't know if this is what makes his legs look funky or not.


  1. NO! You get it fixed this MOMENT! I'm so sure..what do you think you have a job, children, horses and a LIFE????

  2. Loading pics and video on youtube( or you boob as you call it ) is a crap shoot , it can go super fast ,or take all night . When I was laoding Eurus' vids it took about 6 trys all with Angela phoning and emailing "are they up yet?" you can load direct to blogger if you want just click the filmstrip beside the photo icon

  3. Yeah, I'm not snophisticated enough for you toobs.
    Blooger videos are tiny, but they load up reeeeel gud.

  4. Hahahahaha and when they finally loaded- he looks like he is trotting backwards, but still moving forwards. I would love to know just how does that work?

    May be another 'fantastic trait' to add to his list, should I decide to stand him to outside mares...

    JUST KIDDING! I'm sure with his coloring alone, I will get enough people who are interested only for that. And yes, his stud book (IF open to outside mares) will only be to approved mares and not just based on Kolor alone.

  5. Yup it is an odd video , the way it loaded . I just looked at it like a bunch of stills .He does look good . and the fact that he seems to be able to "moon walk " is definitely a new marketing tool(lol)

  6. I haven't really watched it with sound, except for on the iPhone. If anyone notices a 'clicking' sound when he is trotting- he is overreaching. He has that much reach and drive from behind.

    His feet were recently trimmed and he has the toes squared off in the back to reduce this, but yeah. He just has a huge amount of REACH and oversteps that much. He is barefoot and I imagine with shoes- this could be an issue.

  7. And yes, I admit- the lighting was not great, my video and lunging skills combined are not perfect and it could be better. Guess I know what I need to work on.

  8. he is SO FREAKING CUTE.

    That is all. ;)

  9. CP- add in the personality to match and you're doomed!

    He wins over everyone he meets without even trying.

  10. He is just the prettiest! Sigh, I adore ponies.

  11. Gotta love the porn spammers... Theirs is a lesson in futility

  12. Video gets the best of me too! I can never get it right. I've long since given up on perfect and am not settling for what I can get.

    He looks like a cute little bugger. That's what counts. LOL

  13. I am trying to take a picture of my horse that doesn't make him look like a dachsund.

    Using a real camera instead of my cellphone would probably help...

  14. OH, I forgot to tell ya. The reason AdorableBoy looks like he's going backwards is the speed of the cell-phone camera isn't um, synchronized to the speed of your eyes.
    something like that.
    In the "olden days" before higher speed videos came about, the same thing happened with car wheels. They looked like they were spinning backwards.
    At least, I think this is the case here.

    old semi-correct science trivia bat out.

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  16. And Michelles comment with the link to her mysexystories blog post is going to be deleted for the link to unasked for porn type spam...


  17. Good for you deleting that crap!!