Friday, May 28, 2010

Salute to our soldiers!

With the Memorial Day holiday upon us, I would like to take a quick moment to say Thank You! to all of the men and women in the various branches of the armed forces, serving around the world. I would also like to extend that Thank You! to their families. Having had a friend from high school join the Navy, I got a first hand experience of someone you know well and are close to, being away for months at a time. Then trying to squeeze everything in during a short week or two week visit. It is tough! For those with family who won't be returning home, family buried in Arlington or any of the other military cemeteries across the country, my heart goes out to you.

In keeping it with the Memorial Day sentiments I will post a photo of one of the masks I made for the new tack shop choosing to be a distributor.

The military theme masks seem to be big sellers. The photo doesn't show it too well, but the fleece trim is a dark hunter green. I have also used camouflage fleece trim on these and the chevrons with camo fleece as well as the hunter green. People love them and I am trying to find other military type designs for the embellishments.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and don't forget to take a moment or two to thank, honor and remember those who have died for us and our country.


  1. Well said CNJ. It's not just about a holiday weekend is it?
    Live the mask too! Hope you get a bit of down time over the weekend as well

  2. I was going to post about a few other things but I decided they can wait. This is more important. Especially to the families of a soldier.

  3. I spent 5 years in the Army, and got recalled least spring for a brief stint. Ironically, tomorrow marks the last day of my 8 year contract... I will have my final discharge papers.

    Speaking as a soldier, the appreciation of civilians always made the rough parts better. At my duty station we had a "freedom bridge" overpass as you left post, and all the yellow ribbons, banners and signs, the people that manned it every weekend waving at us soldiers as we drove in and out made us feel that we were in fact valued.

    I of course thank all the men and women who are currently in our armed services. Hoooahh!

    I am Boyfriend

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  5. Have a fun, safe Memorial Day, USA!

    Proud to be your neighbour.

    Canadian Salute to the brave men and women of your forces.

    Keep them safe, keep them well.

  6. My great-great uncle served in WWII, the only family member to do so (the rest of his bros. were a little old, and farmers). He came home, wouldn't talk about it, and.... had a "gun cleaning accident." I've often wondered what horrible things he and his fellow soldiers went through. Movies and books can only convey so much.

    My best friend worked for a British contractor in Iraq, doing forensic work with Navy and Marines that included getting the right parts - of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians, men women and children - into the right body bags.

    War is stupid and useless. And sometimes you've got no choice.

    I'm not an automatic soldier worshiper by any means, but dammit, those folks put their lives on the line for other people - sometimes not even their own country - ALL the time, and I salute them!!!!!!

  7. My friend served his time on the USS Roark until it was decomm'ed. He went to Thailand, Korea, Hawaii and a few other places on that ship. Then he was sent to the aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln to finish out his term. He had signed up for four years and during that time the military began allowing 2 year contracts.

    My niece just graduated and has joined the Marines. She leaves for boot camp in October. Our other niece also graduated and is attending NAU. She is applying for the campus police department and is going into law enforcement, which is another civil service which is often highly overlooked and under-appreciated. This post and Memorial Day is for them too as far as I see it.

  8. The military has always been big in my family. Generations of them have joined, served and died or retired. Right now my nephew is an Army Ranger and is a highly rated sniper.

    My Honey and I spent the weekend riding with the Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club, doing Memorial runs in the area. My Honey is prospecting to become a club member. It means a lot to him as he is a former Marine. He has always said that while it was fortunate that there were no world altercations while he served, if there had been he most likely would never have gotten out of the Marine Corp.

    I wished My Honey was into horses CutnJump. A Marine Corp flymask would have been a cool gift.