Monday, May 24, 2010

Swiss Cheese

I like Swiss cheese, the flavor, the texture, the aroma when it's melted on things... Mmmmmm. But where do the holes come from in the cheese? Wouldn't it be more worthwhile for the manufacturers to make it solid? Would it cost us more if it was?

My weekend was similar to a block of Swiss cheese. Errands to run, appointments to keep, things to pick up, places to go, things to do, stuff to make... There were things I wanted to do, things I needed to do, places I had to go, a few things to work into the mixture and a few more piled on top of it all. Two days and I made quite the sandwich out of it.

I have a person interested in the Meadowbrook cart. She was coming from California to see it, but her plans were shot full of holes too and things got shifted to next weekend. Which worked out for me too, by freeing up a little time. Time that was shifted over to working on a couple of fly masks so I could run in to a new store in town and see if they would be interested in carrying them... (Note to Fern Valley, one of them I had planned on sending you. I haven't forgot.)

So we run to one appointment, back across town to the tack store, the co-owner wasn't in, but the one that was, Loved them! I left the masks and my number so she could take them home and show them over the weekend. I like their store and will be posting a link soon. Funny thing is, I can't remember exactly how I found it.

By then it was around noonish, we were hungry and headed into a Chinese buffet close by. It was rather new so we gave it a try. When we sat down with our food, Hubby says the place could be classified as "Fast, Cheap & Kreepy!" Sad thing is, he's right. It was.

Then it was off to get a few supplies for masks on order, a couple of them are shipping to California. Home to get the truck so we could go get hay... As we pull in to get the hay, my cell phone rings. The co-owner of the tack store dropped in, loves the masks, want to order more and will be putting them in the store as well as online. They will just keep the two I dropped off and add them to the total. So home again to drop off the truck and hay, get in the van and head out to pick up a couple more things- like stuff for dinner, before heading home again to feed and tend to more things... Yeah, because the day is almost over already! What happened?

While we did get a few things accomplished, there were a few more I wanted to do but couldn't quite seem to work them in. Like going to watch a workout for Aruba, the WB mare... She should be shaping up nicely and I haven't been to watch one workout yet or even to see her. I may have them put the first few rides on her if things keep going this way. The thought has crossed my mind and has been discussed.

Sunday wasn't much different. Running errands, getting a few things done, then home again to work on masks, play with the girls and somewhere in the middle, eat something... I had wanted to make another batch of pasta. The girls love it mixed with tomatoes, basil, garlic & oregano. I do too and I could have brought it for lunch.

There's another hole in the list of things I was able to do. Kind of like the cheese. The things you don't get to, are the holes. But somewhere in the cheese, you have to have holes. Otherwise how would you breathe?


  1. I tend to describe my weekends as "bugs in my teeth ,hair straight back" so much to do and never enough time .I took a couple extra days this week so I have been off since Thurs, you would think I would be bragging about all I accomplished right? NOT No clue what I have done , but I was movin!
    Fast Cheap and Kreepy describes a few restaurants I have tried too , though hubby and I found one in Seba beach yesterday that was fast cheap and yummy!

  2. All I can say, nice to know I'm not the only one who feels like this!
    My mother has been given me the "your life is spiraling out of control" speech and I keep thinking, "Well yeah, but whose isn'????"
    Maybe if I was independently wealthy and could hire the team of about a dozen assistants, groomers, cleaners, errand runners, etc...that I really need to get it all done...
    But do be it. Back out to the tractor...One hour til I have to pick up a kid!

  3. Oops. That is suppose to be "but SO be it."
    Not "but DO be it." Although maybe my typos are trying to tell me something...

  4. Blooger is being weird. The post reads 3 comments, I come here and there's 2. Somehow it omitted PF's first one?

    I know it did something similar on another blog recently. What's the deal?

    FV- having a list of things, places etc., by the time I get to the weekend helps keep things on track. Try to plot out where you have to go and where you need to in one giant loop. Seems I get more done that way.

    We usually say "Let's not eat there again" and don't. Then it becomes, "We haven't eaten there in a while...", we give it a shot and soon remember why. There's usually a reason for that.

  5. There's PF's post! What gives?

    Feel free to use me as an example to your mother PF. Even with the assistants, they have picked everything up- now when do you have time to use it? Work on it? Assemble it? Clean it? and where do you store it until next time?

  6. Every time I have to take time off due to barrel racings or the wind...ugghhh, it has been horrible here this year....I get home, look around and realize that I am getting farther and farther behind. I just keep praying that the contractor calls and come get started on the new house pretty quick and that the yard guy that was helping a friend out will call me pretty quick and come and get everything mowed.

    There is just absolutely no way I can keep up with all of that AND the horses. Thank goodness school is almost out and I will be enforcing the 'slave labor' onto my teenager. If she doesn't make too much of a fuss, I will even pay her for helping. If she is tempermental, she will just have to chalk it up to 'that's what owning property is'. LOL

    Yes, blogger is being funky about comments. It did it last week too.

    And not that it is relavent in any way, but the holes in swiss cheese are caused from bacteria gasses. The bigger the holes, the more aged the cheese is and therefore the better quality, aroma, distinctive the taste. (I'm a fountain of useless trivia-LOL)

  7. MMMMmmmmm. Cheese. MMMMmmmmmmmm.

    You know, it's just a fact of life that NOTHING is ever "done." You could stay up all night, every night, and not get all that much further.

    So... you do what you can, do some more tomorrow, and eventually the mouse will eat bigger holes in the cheese.

    Was that a real analogy or just nonsense? I was up till 3 last night, "getting things done." :P

  8. I don't like Swiss cheese at all. Well, that's a lie--I only like REAL Emmentaler cheese from Sweden. American made Swiss cheese is GROSS. I LOVE all other kinds of cheese except Swiss.

    What were we talking about again?

    I'm feeling the same thing, CNJ. Only my holes keep getting bigger and bigger and I can't seem to control them anymore. At least yours get closed.

    Can you make me a fly mask for Phoenix? He is too big for a foal one and too small for a mini. Also, try the Jungle Buffet on Gary and Hunt Hwy. No MSG! Good food! Only 10 dollar! You like!

    For those who are as nerdy as I am and had to find the answer to the why the holes question, and from Wikipedia, and no wonder I only like the flavor of real Emmentaler cheese:

    "Swiss cheese is a generic name in North America for several related varieties of cheese which resemble the Swiss Emmental. Some types of Swiss cheese have a distinctive appearance, as the blocks of the cheese are riddled with holes known as "eyes". Swiss cheese has a piquant, but not very sharp, taste.

    "Three types of bacteria are used in the production of Emmental cheese: Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus, Lactobacillus (L. helveticus or Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus), and Propionibacterium (P. freudenreichii or P. shermani). In a late stage of cheese production, the Propionibactera consume the lactic acid excreted by the other bacteria, and release carbon dioxide gas, which slowly forms the bubbles that develop the eyes. Swiss cheese without eyes is known as "blind."

    "In general, the larger the eyes in a Swiss cheese, the more pronounced its flavor; this is because the same conditions that lead to large eyes—longer aging or higher temperatures—also allow the bacteria and enzymes to produce a stronger flavor. This poses a problem for makers of pre-sliced Swiss cheese, the most popular category in the United States. Cheese with large eyes doesn't slice well, sometimes coming apart in mechanical slicers. This costs time and money and is one reason why US manufacturers usually produce a product less aged and flavorful than imported cheeses of the same style."

  9. BECG, sorry about that! Didn't read your post on the explanation of holes until after I'd posted mine. :)

    You must be like me--you have a lot of what I call Jeopardy knowledge. It's information that's only useful if you're on the show Jeopardy...or if you want to comment on your friends' blogs and impress them with random facts. The human head weighs eight pounds.

  10. Kat-He is too big for a foal one and too small for a mini.

    Me thinks your gassy cheeses is getting to you. Maybe that should read more like- too big for mini, too small for foal...

    And yes, I can get something made for him. Any color preferences? Mesh, trim, webbing, decorations?

  11. Sometimes get so much done and sometimes I am spinning my wheels a bit. ore and more I feel so great when I cross off my list or fiish a painting!

    Art by Karena

  12. My brother-in-law says, "I got my College Knowledge, and then I got my Discovery Channel Knowledge."

    OK, I have 6 hours to my SELF. ME ME MEEEEEEE.

    And..... a kitchen full of dirty dishes. *sigh*

    We need a full-time wife.....

  13. Congrats on the mask order! that's pretty cool!

    The cold weather we're having we're not going to see any flies this year. I think I'd rather have the flies than freeze. sure wish summer would come.

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  15. Cattypex -
    No kidding! Where is my wife????
    I keep telling my husband that really, polygamy sounds great to me! As long as I get to pick the "2nds..." I'm looking for one that just LOVES to clean things, one that would like to do nothing better than hang out and drive around kids all day and a third that really, really likes doing paperwork and filing.
    If they can do that, well then, I offer my husband for services rendered! Unfortunately, my husband tells me that "one wife is MORE than enough for him" (and I don't think he really means that in the good way), so he is not cooperating.
    Damm! Off to take kids to school (where's that extra wife again????).

  16. PF- JR has to agree with your hubby. One of us can be more than enough to deal with at times. I don't know how the guys who go the route of polygamy manage it. If it works for them- who are we to judge?

    The problem with the group that was living in Arizona City, was they were often on welfare and other means of government support, they 'traded' the girls while they were underage, many of the kids had no more than an 8th grade education and the boys were kicked out with no means of being able to support themselves... Other than these issues, they pretty much kept to themselves for the most part.

  17. I'm not so sure I need another wife or an assistant, just a few more hours added to the day. That would work.

    RR- Our fly season never seems to go away. We have flies for part of our winter as it is into the 60's & 70's at times. Not sure if the trade off of freezing waters & pipes is a better one, but the flies and mosquites can be a royal pain too.