Sunday, October 17, 2010

Progress in progress

We all have our moments...

Although this is not exactly one of those photos many would consider a 'great shot', I like this one. Kat learned forward is the only direction he is supposed to really go!

Which he did.

We actually put him to the cart last weekend. Sorry no photos as there was nobody else around to take any. That is one of the drawbacks and such is life. He handled it all really well though. Stood like a rock as the shafts were lowered on his sides, through the tugs... the shafts bumped his sides and moved up and down in the tugs- everything they would be doing once he was moving. He handled it all really well. Nothing phased him, bothered or upset him.

So why is there someone else at the end of the lines and not me? Um yeah... I had one of those moments when it all goes according to a plan different than mine. I was jogging along behind him as he trotted around the arena. We jogged & trotted, then went back to a walk, stopped, walked, jog/trotted and then for some reason he startled at hearing me jogging behind him and rushed forward.

Not a big deal but he started to run and I could neither stop him or keep up, so I let go of the lines. He ran down to the fence where the mares were on the other side of it. He was talking a big game but they couldn't be bothered.

So back to work he went and since hubby was at the end of the lines and my cell phone was in my back pocket- we have pictures!

And there were a couple that I really, really liked.

Especially these two...

Can you imagine if he was 16 hands?


  1. Danggirl! he is a snappy pony ! I love the way he carries himself once he pulls himself together!

  2. Ditto! What a handsome pony. If you didn't know he was small, he'd look big.

    I mean..

    He's a keeper!
    Totilas, hang your head in awe!

  3. GL I was thinking the exact same thing!!

    It surprises me every time I see something next to him "for scale." He indeed looks like a high-quality big horse who wandered into a shrink ray.

    So pretty! :-) And he KNOWS it!!!!

  4. Wow he sure is a pretty boy! and I think he knows it too.

  5. GL- Totilas??? Wanna fill me in?

    Hubby has made him move in long lines in ways that I stood watching in awe. I told him then, "If he was only 16 hands..." and he said "You would have to fight me, to get to ride him."

    My friend Dawn just got back from the WEG. She sent me pics of some of the driving. One of a four up hitch in the dressage arena, one of a four up in the water on the marathon course. I told her maybe we will be there next year... I know that is a streeeEEEeeetch, but hey, you never know! Crazier things in life have happened.

  6. Holy Crap!

    Luv the photo on the bottom of this post. He is a looker!

  7. Now that is one handsome pony!!!!!

  8. If he were 17 hands tall.....WOW! He is wow in a small package, too. Lovely pony. I would so like to see him moving--video?

  9. He looks like Doodlebug.

    Doodlebug was one of my favorite horse books as a kid, then it became one of my daughter's favorite horse books when she was little. The drawings in it were phenominal and depicted a fancy Hackney pony that a young girl rescued from a sale barn.

  10. OMG I loved Doodlebug!!!
    A great story about doing the Right Thing that I read a million times. You're right, the illustrations ARE gorgeous.

    I thought that girl's hippie goat farmer parents were SO awesome and supportive, and I loved the reality check she had about "The Beautiful Black Stallion With The Flowing Mane And Tail." Dang, I also remembered she paid $14 for him and also the snobby neighbor girl who actually had a horse.

    I also remember that the pony had an ear tattoo that his old owners ID'ed him with.

    Is that even done anymore? It sounds like a great idea.....

  11. Great story, but I bet Doodle wasn't as full of piss and vinegar as the Kool Kat! He's the bomb...

  12. Holy crap!! That's one nice looking pony. Go CNJ (and JR)!

    CNJ, if I were close enough I would smack you!!! Totilas! Go look him up (Moorlands Totilas) you will DIE!! Gorgeous!

  13. Ok so I googled Moorlands Totila... He is a really, really nice looking horse. Considering he kicked ass at the WEG and sold for a reported $13M? or $15M? and you guys are comparing my little guy to HIM??? I am flattered and don't feel at all like I am 'barn blind'. Not with the responses posted here to a few photos.

    Phaedra- we will be trying for video tomorrow. Both with the video feature on the digital camera and the cell phone. Something has GOT to work, right?

    To think he has sat and done a whole lot of nothing all these years... and that I very nearly passed him up when I went to look at him initially. He was supposed to be my daughters 'move up' pony. He was also supposed to be gelded. Plans are to breed him to my TB mare in the spring. The girls will be needing ponies before too much longer...

    Fern I believe it was you that said once, not to look into their eyes. It will get you every time. This is one time I am glad I did!

  14. I love it when things work out so handily, even when it wasn't your plan. :)

    Ruth Sanderson was definitely underrated as an illustrator... she not only did Doodlebug, but also all the covers of the Black Stallion books.

    Hey, I found a dressage saddle on! A nice brown County that's all wide & stuff. Comes with 2 girths, pad & a bridle, for $350....and the tack store called me last night to tell me that a lady wants to buy my old Western saddle for $400.

    Now I have enough left over for a new halter.... and how much for a new fly mask, Ms. CNJ?

  15. We did get pic's and a few videos of Kat in motion. I am trying to get them up but they are on JR's phone- not mine. Mine was tucked away in my pocket while I was working him starting out.

    Bonus clips of his new friend too. Somebody is a bit captivated and twitterpated by him... Made for an interesting day.

  16. Nope, there's no barn blind here. That's one fine pony!

  17. He's a real beauty. Those cell phone pictures look fine.