Thursday, November 18, 2010


I has been a while since I have posted. I know that. A few quick things first though. I may have to take the two blogs down and delete them entirely. It seems my dear husband had created a Gmail account and somehow it has been linked to the blog. He swears he has no idea how it happened and has tried to get it resolved by removing it. It's still there even though I have tried to contact Google, gone to their useless "Help" section and gotten no response or assistance in deleting the damned email account.

I did read one way of doing it was to create yet another new Gmail account, (which I do not want or need and have no intentions of doing) sign that on as another author, then delete my original account... blah, blah, jump through hoops, we're too lazy to help you or just don't care, blah. It's just not working for me.

So I may be deleting the entire thing. My blogger account, the NPD blog, this blog and all of the pictures and links on either one. There it is. If there was any information here that anyone wants to save as a future reference, fair warning, look it up now because soon it will be gone.

I don't expect anyone to freak out over the loss. I also don't expect or wish to create any headaches for anyone by giving a short deadline. I will leave the blog up and "as is" for now. If anyone would like to suggest a deadline or date to delete it, I'm game. Otherwise I'm thinking the end of the year would be as good a time as ever.

Once deleted- I will start over again. I always do, because that is just, what I do. New and fresh and a beginning to go with the the New Year. Until then, I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween, has a Happy Thanksgiving, with much to give thanks for and finally a Merry Christmas.

To all of you who have supported this blog by signing on as followers or posting in the comments- my sincerest and heartfelt thanks goes to each of you. I really have appreciated it! I can be reached via email at


  1. Hey girl! you do what you need to with the blogs.I haven't had much dealings with blogger help ,and it sounds lucky that I haven't.If I need to pick your brain ,no fear I will!New years sounds like a good time to make a fresh start.Wonder what the new blog will be called and what adventures we will go on with you!

  2. Well hell! You want I should take a crack at sorting it out for you?
    There really is no logical or technical reason why your blog would be primarily linked to any account other than the one you originally linked to in the creation of.
    I am not aware of any independent of prompt within this type of programming that would have caused such a change.
    It is possible if you originally linked to say a yahoo account and then later a GMail account was created with your information that there may have been a prompt asking if you would like to transfer everything to GMail.
    But again, that would require a response to a prompt.
    I am kind of smart about these things.LOL
    So if you did not and JR did not you could contact Blogger/Google legal and tech support and create a ticket for tech support to identify the date and time these changes took place and the IP of the prompt activator.
    Everything and I do mean everything leaves a indentifiable trail.

  3. Why is it bad if JR's gmail is linked to the blog?

    Good luck, thanks for the warning, and let me know when/where/what the new blogs will be!

    Hugs to y'all!

  4. Yes, it definitely required a user controlled action. And not just one but many.

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  5. Friday, January 11, 2008
    Changing the email address on your blog
    It's actually fairly easy to change the email address assigned to your blog. Whatever you do don't delete the blog. It will take some pleading with Blogger employees to get them to restore the blog for you.

    Here's what you need to do: Login to your blog with your current email address, then click on Settings in the dashboard or from the admin page. Click on the permissions menu item. Add your other email account as an author. Give them admin access, then logout and log in as the other email address. Go back to the permissions page and delete the original user.

  6. I don't think anyone is saying that it is a problem for an account JR made to be linked to the blog GL.
    I think the problem is both CNJ and JR are saying they didn;t make those changes.

  7. So the question remains, WHO did?
    Because this is not a simple one click procedure.

  8. I've dealt with google help so I know of what you speak and certainly understand your frustration.

    Please let us know where you'll be.

  9. Sorry to hear your troubles with blogger. I just found your blog and am reading through the posts. It is not something that just Ooopsie Poopsie! happens, or anywhere as easy to correct either.

    If it all goes, I hope you have saved the photos somewhere. Some of them are quite good. Let us know where to find you if you choose to start it up anew again.