Monday, January 10, 2011

Suggestion box

Since I will be scrapping the blog, wiping it out and starting all over from scratch- I am taking suggestions for a new name. It's a New Year, why not make a fresh new start? Any ideas?


  1. I made mty sugestion a while back , but whatever you choose let me know I am sure it will Rock!

  2. My only suggestion is to leave this one up for a while (after you start the new blog) and post the URL for your new blog.

    Don't want to lose you.

    Those pics of Kat are really good.

  3. Hey-have you been sending emails? I haven't gotten any. I set my email up on my new computer so it tells me when I get new ones.

    Just in case, it's.... fast_draw45 at

    I'll check my spam filter to make sure you didn't get trapped. ;-)

  4. I'm no good on names for others. I guess it all depends on your focus for the new blog. Are you going to link us from here to the new one when the time comes??

    Is there a reason you're taking this one down instead of leaving it for reference??