Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is it just me????

Here is the scenario for today's game of how many things can you find wrong? This is part one.  Sometimes it isn't a matter of learning what to do, but instead- what NOT to do!  Keep your eyes and your mind open...

The school recently hosted Oktoberfest as a way for the different school clubs to raise money for their activities.  Good idea and plenty of activities, food, etc. all in one spot.

My daughter is taking an Equine Science class in High School. The ES teacher had brought a trailer in with several bales of hay to set up a hay maze, along with 4 horses for 'pony rides' and a few other smaller animals for the petting zoo.  The class was to set up the hay maze on Friday. Some of the kids were wearing shorts, skirts, sandals, flip flops, etc. because their classes aren't exactly 'hands on' and the weather has still been pretty darn HOT! 

The horses arrived sometime that Saturday morning, before 9am when I dropped my daughter off to help set up the booth for one of her other class/clubs fundraising. The horses were tied to the wrought iron fence in the shade, but later I learned there was an issue with no hoses available to provide water...  The event didn't start until around 4pm.

When the event was over at 10 pm and I picked up my daughter and her friends to come home, driving through the parking lot, we went past the horses tied to the fence in the same spot. One of them caught my eye because it's ribs were showing and it looked a bit underweight. "OMG! That horse is thin and should not be here." The words came out of my mouth without even thinking...  "Mom, should I tell my teacher that on Monday?"

Of course she did!  Because that's my girl...  To which the teacher responded with, "That horse has ulcers and that's why it is underweight. Your mother shouldn't make assumptions like that without knowing the truth behind the the matters."

Talk about opening up Pandora's box. *sigh*  Wasn't it on the Fugly blog where it was often said, "When you claim to be a professional, you are automatically held to a higher standard." I do believe it was.

Shall I add more salt to the wound of information? This teacher is married to a farrier. I have heard his name, it sounds familiar but that's all. She also claims to have several other horses at home, somewhere around 25-30 head from what I understand.

**I have a show coming up this weekend and may be able to get pictures. Definitely be posting about braiding, so stay tuned... Schooling show, two classes, not a big deal.**


  1. I agree "When you claim to be a proffesional..." and here is another fact , I have known and cared for horse with ulcers before as have many I know , and A) they were not thin
    B)if the horse is struggling with ulcers enough to be thin, why take it out of its home and comfortable environment ???

  2. It wasn't me!! lol
    In all seriousness, she should know better and not take a horse like that out in public and have it working.

  3. That's the whole point. If the horse is not in good shape- mentally or physically, why take them anywhere until they are? Especially when there are several others at home to choose from.