Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Who is that? I know a few of these might seem a bit dark. I played with the angle I held the camera phone at, then the settings and brightness- it got better, then a few with the brightness, zoom and angle were right and, yeah.
Festival Fanfare or Fancy as she is known, is one of the cutest little Morgan mares I have seen with the biggest, softest sweetest doe eyes any horse is allowed to have. And is she ever HOT in Cones and Hazards!  Anyone remember hearing tales and talk on Fugly about OKC and Morgan Horse Nationals?
It's not quite OKC, nothing like I imagine Nationals, chilly, drizzly and breezy like her home state of Washington...

But here she is with one of Many big Smiles I seen throughout the day.

And another one to end the day. I FINALLY got to meet Liz who used to post 'back in the day' on Fugly as the farmers wife. She is a blast to hang out with and since she is friends with a few other people I know in the driving club, we were sure to have fun.

Between her red hat and my red hair, we both figured we wouldn't be hard to spot. If that wasn't enough of a give-away, I have seen her horse in action before, know a few others in the same barn with her trainer... she has seen pic's of Kat in action so by the rule of nature in horses- we should be able to find each other by the horses.

Liz might not make it back for the CDE next month, but whenever she hops a plane headed south again, I look forward to meeting up with her again and maybe doing lunch, dinner or even just coffee or something.

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