Friday, April 5, 2013

Body clipping

It's that time of year again. At least for us and likely soon enough for everyone else. Spring has sprung and the horses are shedding their coats in preparation for the heat wave to come.

Berry was a willing, or maybe not so willing subject for me this time around. I swear this mare is growing longer hair in the winter and sporting more mats as it starts to fall off... I had her up under the shop and grabbed my clippers. In about 2 hours she went from a wooly yak to looking like a horse again. And for as much attitude as this mare has, for an old fart, she did really good and even let me clip her ears- inside and out- without even so much as me telling her to 'Knock it OFF' once.

She went from this on the right side-

To this on the left side in about an hour-

and then hit the wash rack for a quick rinse and she was dry again in no time.

Betsy in the background

It was a little chilly out so she got to wear a sheet that belonged to Tess for the night. She seems happier now.

And when it was all over-

I had just about enough hair to make another horse. And after I swept it all up, I was ready for a shower too. One down- no more to do for now.


  1. What a great old girl! Isn't it funny how they still keep their attitudes?!