Monday, June 3, 2013

Lateral aids

We didn't have them before, but we do now!

Ms. Mare didn't think she was supposed to listen to me. At times she still doesn't. It's ok though we're getting there and reaching more and more agreements of who says what and who does what. As we work, there is less and less of the annoying sound of her biting her tongue.

We walked and trotted, we turned left and right, but for the most part- there was some things missing in our work. She didn't so much move her shoulders this way or that, didn't so much bend or give and at times just went forward not responding to a whole lot and almost doing as she dang pleased. She did listen and stop, did respond and slow down if I said "Slow it down", but at times if I put a leg on her she ignored it. Other times we moved waaaay over away from it.

We stopped and learned to side pass. The last couple of rides have been working on laterals- half passes left and right, serpentines, some circles here and there and always changing it up. I did get some pictures last night of her on the lunge line, then from her back. She really is a good horse and wants to please. We even ended our ride with being near the neighbors cows that share the pasture. It was kinda fun and she got to test out the idea of being a cow pony. And when the cows came back out to the pasture, we walked our way back out to the front gate to leave.  She seems to be enjoying the work and stands quietly while I get on and off either side. 

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