Friday, June 7, 2013

The air up there

Blogger is being uncooperative about loading photos again. What a pain in the butt! 

Here are the pics from last weekends ride from on the back of my mare and when we were playing with the calves.  Not to worry, the calves are good sized as in, almost as tall as our Betsy girl already.  As always click on the photos for the larger version and complete pic.

We start our lunging with walking.  Beats having them bolt to the end of the line and race around ripping your arms out of the sockets.

Aruba cuteness as a western horse.

Reverse and trot

Riders up

Head down where it belongs

Me and my shadow... I look like the stem on top of the pumpkin in the shadow.

Le moooooo

Boo there little guy. These are both steers, once bull calves.

The herd on the other side of the fence where the calve belonged too.  Betsy is the 3rd one in from the right- the horns and little bit of white you can see.


  1. Oh wow! She is seriously gorgeous!
    I start the lunging out at a walk as well. Or at least I try. Trax sometimes wants to start at a trot, so I bring him back down to a walk.

    1. Thanks. This mare has always started out at a walk. I adapted it (or try to) to all of my horses. I like it so much better.

  2. Longeing at the walk? Oh I remember that, before Miss Whoa Dammit! LOL she slowed down too. Aruba looks fine in cowgirl clothes

    1. Cowgirl clothes? I never thought of it that way, but I like it.