Friday, July 12, 2013

Horse insurance

In the comments on the last post, Stacey asks about horse insurance for a new horse she's getting this weekend...

That is a good question and depends on a lot of things.

First off- If you are making payments on a horse, sometimes the seller requires a policy to cover the horse if anything should happen before the debt is settled.  If you were the seller, you would want to get paid, wouldn't you?

Depending on the price of the horse and your experience with horses, many times you would have the horse vetted through a PPE or Pre-Purchase Exam. Any issues should have been assessed, caught, discussed and settled before deciding if it is something you can live with, deal with or don't have to worry about. If anything comes up- you still have the chance to walk away and keep looking.

The type of insurance is another factor. Is it a policy to pay the replacement value of the horse should anything happen? Does it cover major medical?  Do you have to keep dilligent records of worming, hoofcare, teeth floating, psyllium treatments, etc? And he big one is how much is it going to cost you per month?

While our horses are often irreplaceable to us, invaluable to us and we love them so... to someone else- they may hold a low dollar value. The things endearing about my pony to me, may be seen as something annoying to someone else.

Would I recommend insurance to anyone? I would say that is up to you. Check into it, see what it covers, what it doesn't, what it costs and ask yourself is the horse worth it to you?


  1. Good advice, I think area by area it is different as well, I adore my horses but other than liability I do not carry insurance on them , I find the coverage's are pretty limited

  2. Thanks for the information, and I thought that it was a little far fetched to think about getting horse insurance. But then I realized that my sister has her violin insured. So I take that back.

  3. I didn't even know that horse insurance existed until my sister started talking about getting it. She is so obsessed with horses and she and her husband have a ranch so I guess now they're thinking about getting their horses insured. I'll have to show her this blog.