Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Push through it

Sometimes things don't go right at all. Everything that can go wrong- does. The sh!t hits the fan and splatters everywhere and still, things need to happen, stuff needs to get done and so you push on. 

With horses, sometimes it is the fact they are in heat, in an unfamiliar place and any host of excuses we choose to blame it on.  But there are times that the horses and ourselves need to put on our big girl panties and push through it. There are things we don't like doing in life that we have to do. Times we don' feel like working on certain, particular projects, but the looming deadline says you better get off you ass and move it. It's not going to get done on its own, isn't going to fix itself and the longer you sit there staring at it- the more it is costing you.

Last night I was working on fly masks. For whatever reason, it just wasn't going well. I have 3 left to do and sometimes I just don't like working on these particular style masks. I figured I could hammer out at least 2 of them like the night before. So much for that! I was making mistakes I haven't made in a long time, having to go back and take it apart, fix it and move on to screw something else up. Sometimes you have to just push through it and get done. I finished 1 and got less than half way through #2 and after missing part of the mesh in a seam, fixing it and thinking to move on, I just put it down and walked away.  

I rode my mare last weekend and since she was in heat, wound up and ready to go- lunging her she ripped the rope out of my hands and went cruising around the pasture. I followed along behind her, just out of reach of the line and swearing under my breath and out loud... I worked her some more and got on without my spurs.

Since she was already a bit lit, I wasn't too thrilled with her behavior and all, I opted to ride without the spurs so that if she got screwy it wouldn't turn into a battle of wills and all go south from there. She worked well enough, we had our differences of opinion on what, why and how, but we pushed through it long enough to finally agree on something and stopped there. Sometimes you ride it out, other times you get off the horse and when it is really bad, you just stay on the ground. But once you start something, you often have to push through and do it until you get it right, mostly right or at least until the horse is trying.


  1. In life and in horses, you gotta ride the ride you drew some days! Here's to better ones ahead

  2. Boy that sure is the truth right there. gotta push through even if it isn't going according to plan. I think that sometimes the lesson learned in these situations is more valuable that the lesson we intended to work on (In respect to working on the horses)

    As far as pushing through projects...that will be my goal this week!

  3. We are getting a horse this weekend so I want to know everything there is to know a bout horses! I've been told I should look into horse insurance, do you think I should?

  4. Stacey- Congratulations on getting your horse. Is this your first one? Horse insurance is a good question and could be a post all on it's own so thanks for the idea.