Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chills in the middle of June?

I have been working my mares in the long lines a lot more lately and I have to say this. My TB mare is just blowing me away. The girl has got some e.l.e.g.a.n.t. movement. Now anybody that knows me, knows I have loved everything about this mare from the day I went to pick her up with only $20 to put towards buying her. I hadn't even seen her yet, but she was mine. And because we all know better than to ever buy a horse sight unseen.... I have never had any regrets with this one.

The other night I worked her in the lines and I got to see something in her that, in all honesty, has been there, lurking all along. Even with her enlarged knee, her movement was absolutely gorgeous. She was light in the bridle and, just, well, yeah. She may be compensating some for the reduced amount of flexion she has available in that leg, but even still. She was just gorgeous. It was almost dark, her being a dark horse and all of that considered, there were times I couldn't see the minute details because the lack of light, the dust and whatever else, but I could clearly see the outlines of her silhouette. Momma was a rockin a great look.

Let me see if I can narrow it down to a few words, to describe what I saw. Bold, forward, strong, light, airy, elegant, classy and as my daughter Vivian would say- stylish. I obviously need to put more work into her for whatever she is to become, but if she can manage the transition from race horse to driving horse... I have no doubt she would be amazing doing it. I have worked with plenty of mares over the years and owned a select bunch, but she is hands down and bar none, at the top of my list of being one of the sweetest mares ever.

I rode my mares last Friday night. Yes plural, I rode them both. Maybe not at the same time, Roman style, but I hopped on each of them for a few minutes in the round pen. I was and still am proud of the girls. While I didn't trot with my TB mare, because this was only the 2nd time I have been on her, or that anyone has been on her for that matter, in the past 10 years she has been mine. Watching her again in long lines last night? Oohh la la. Sometimes she might look like she's moving like a freight train, but she does it so gracefully. I am looking forward to throwing a leg over her again soon. If I can keep her moving under saddle like she does in the lines... I just have to stay out of her way and let her do her job.

I know. Easier said than done...

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