Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Yes I have it. It has been so much FUN riding my TB mare. We are both 'getting it' and the progress seems to be coming in leaps and bounds. I've ridden her twice since my last post and I'm looking forward to riding her tonight. We've worked on trotting, maintaining roundness and her mental focus inside the rails, which can be difficult at times with the neighbors cow literally hiding in the bushes...

When I rode her Monday night, I asked for some side passing to start helping to enforce the lateral cues. This mare is soft, but when it comes to side passing, she wasn't sure what I was asking for. It took a little encouragement and I got a few steps in each direction, but I'm not sure she has the idea completely clear in her mind. Not a big deal, just something to work on. It will come with time, just like everything else.

She's getting more and more solid though and I would like to get her out of the round pen and into a bigger arena to work in. Sounds like we need to make a trip to the horse park and utilize their public use arena. It has light until 10pm so I'm sure there is some time to enjoy the cool weather.


  1. you need to find some paparazzi to take with you please! we NEEDS pics!

  2. I agree with fern - PICTURES PLEASE!

    so glad riding is fun! what a great feeling!