Monday, July 28, 2014

Rain, rain

I enjoy the rain and usually it is very welcome in the summer time. Except when I want to ride. I had hoped to hop on my mare on Friday, so I raced to clean stalls and get things done, leaving plenty of time for it. There was wind, there was plenty of blowing dust, I got two of the stalls cleaned and those two horses turned out and brought in, started on the third stall

...and then it started to rain.

Nice big drops, not a downpour, but a steady rain enough to get everything wet. I wanted to ride in on of my English saddles, either the close contact or my dressage saddle. Being the leather snob that I am, I didn't want either of them getting wet. They're made of sugar and might melt you know... lol

I put a lot into my tack, I generally take pretty good care of it and I want it to not only last and retain it's value, but more importantly, I don't ever want it to fail me and fall apart. Let's face it, if something is going to fall apart or fail to work for you, it will likely crap out at the worst possible moment ever. That's just the way it works.

So I raked up the last stall, horse still in it and she wasn't thrilled. She wanted to get out and roll, stretch her legs and relax a little, even if that meant pacing the fence line in worry because the other horses may get fed without her or something like that. Like that has ever happened or like she has ever missed a meal. Ha!

I went and sat in the truck playing games on the phone and waiting for things to let up. It just wasn't going to happen until I left, because that's the way things work and sure enough. I started to drive away and there goes the rain with it. I had already put everything away and called it off, so there was no sense in going back. Not unless I wanted it to keep raining for a while. Hopefully I can get some saddle time in on her soon under the English tack. I'm also hoping to get her into an arena setting soon too and get to work her more at the trot and maybe the lope. She's going so well I'd hate to stop now.

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  1. that is the way of it,isnt it ,about the time you give up ,you could start over