Thursday, July 3, 2014


For a while it seems I lost it. I'm  realizing now, I have had it all of the time. My mojo might have been siting on the shelf collecting dust, but it was there all the time. It was patiently waiting for me to dust it off and own it again.

I own it!

I have been riding my tb mare and last night she had her big girl pants on. We went for a stroll not only around the yard, but down the street. She was beyond awesome. The last time we only ventured out of the round pen and made a few laps in the yard. She was nervous and kept looking across the street when she seen movement. This time, she looked but kept on walking and was totally relaxed about everything. I can't wait to get her into an arena and start working on trotting and loping.

The whole time we were out of the round pen? Miss Thang- Aruba was bouncing off the walls like a total jackass, squealing and whinnying and having a bit of a conniption fit. Apparently the gig is up on her being sore and it was likely a stone bruise or an abscess. Time for her to go back to work too. Part of that may be just making her stay home while the tb mare gets some wet saddle blanket therapy off the property. She is so much fun to ride and I feel both of us improving every time. That's how it is supposed to be. Isn't riding supposed to be FUN?


  1. Awesome! and yup fun is what it is supposed to be so go have some more!

  2. That is awesome. Mojo is a powerful thing and it sucks when it runs away.