Thursday, December 5, 2019

RIP - Mad About Me 1999-2019

The beginning of September I put my OTTB mare down. It is never an easy decision to make and at that point it was the right one for her.

Pic's from before since Blogger won't let me add any new ones.  She was a sweet mare but could also a total pain in the ass at times. 

The move to the current barn did her a few favors, while also not doing her any favors at the same time if that makes sense. She did stop cribbing with the move to a stall not next to my ponyman. She was so herdbound with him it wasn't funny. After splitting them up so she could make new friends- she no longer cribbed. At least not in that stall. I have had her for the past 15 years and always watched out for her. She was picking up weight for a change and had an amazing shine to her coat, besides it being silky soft. But being a mare, she tends to destroy a stall in a number of ways and sometimes overnight. Her stall was wet a lot. I was stripping her stall and changing the bedding frequently. When she came in from turnout, workout or whatever- she would go in the stall and urinate as if she had been holding it for that reason.  Hey thanks mare! Due to the wet bedding, she started developing abscesses a lot too. Having thin soled crappy TB feet didn't help. It was getting to the point where she could barely walk to get out of the stall, but being cooped up In the stall wasn't helping her situation any either. Boarding often comes with limited turnout and with her being herdbound- she couldn't go out alone. My pony couldn't be out with her all day since his weight would have ballooned and her being without him- she destroyed things. 

One of my fave pics of her.

I cried making the phone call to schedule it. Cried all the way home from work that day. Cried all the way to the barn, cried some more all the way to the vet, cried all the way back to the barn to drop off my empty trailer and then cried some more on the drive back home. When I thought I had no more tears left, I started crying again and kept crying for a while after that.  Even typing this now, my eyes are beginning to get watery. 

I know she is enjoying green pastures now and hanging out with my big mare Tess. She was loved and never had to worry about much in life. She could be a hand full at times and I know she's giving someone in Heaven a good many reasons to doubt why they let her in. Who would have guessed buying a horse sight unseen all those years ago, would have been one decision I have never regretted. I know when my day comes and my time on earth is done, I will have plenty of horses to ride thru those Pearly Gates when I get there.

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  1. *hugs* I am so sorry, it is never easy as you know. Find solace in the fact you gave her a really great life.