Thursday, December 19, 2019

Rest in pieces

Sometimes the only way a person can make the world a better place is by leaving the planet. My brother was one of those people. He is no longer looking at the dirt from the topside.

Before anyone gets the idea to give me a sideways look- when you spend your entire life screwing people over and treating people like shit, it will catch up to you. It Always catches up to you. If you think there's resentment on my part (there's not)  or anyone thinks I'm glad he's dead- I don't wish death on anyone, let alone people like him.

I actually think its pretty sad that's how he treated people. My wish for him is that he gets what he truly deserves in the afterlife. Good, bad or otherwise- he gets everything he has coming.

As for his skank wife- they truly deserved each other.  Forgery and perjury are both felonies and she just keeps digging that hole deeper by the day, bless her heart.

I can't imagine how much they must hate themselves or why? That's the only way I can explain their poor choices or behaviour. Her mother must be proud


  1. My stepdad is one of those people akin to your brother, well minus the crimes, but a despicable person nonetheless and I look forward to the day he shoves off this mortal coil.

    1. Sorry to hear you have someone in your life like that. They truly are loathesome creatures.